Got A HubSpot Website? Your Google Analytics Tracking Is Broken.

Posted in HubSpot by Steven Mitchell

If you are using HubSpot COS as your web platform, then you almost certainly have some erroneous sessions being tracked in Google Analytics.

If you are following standard practice for GA hygiene, you'll have already filtered your business' IP addresses (and any other static IP addresses used by employees or suppliers) from diluting your data. However, this may not be enough. When you use HubSpot to edit or preview website pages, landing pages or blog posts, your visits are (currently) still being counted in GA (probably).

Why are my visits not being filtered  from GA?

When you use the edit or preview modes in the HubSpot COS, HubSpot sends a bot on your behalf to fetch the page. Effectively, this means you are visiting the site via a proxy. This means the IP of the visit is from HubSpot's servers - NOT your IP address, which is the one you have filtered.


How can I stop this from happening?

Easy peasy.  Create a new filter in Google Analytics. 

  • Name: Anti HubSpot Preview Filter
  • Filter Type: Custom
  • Exclude >
  • Filter Field: ISP Organisation
  • Filter Pattern: HubSpot

This should prevent visits from HubSpot being included in your data.

Still need some help?

If you're having trouble taming the magnificent beast which is HubSpot, you can reach out to us. We're a Gold HubSpot Partner and would be delighted to help you conquer your inbound marketing strategy. 

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Steven Mitchell

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