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      GROW Europe 2021: The Five Sessions You CANNOT Miss

      GROW Europe 2021: The Five Sessions You CANNOT Miss Featured Image
      Published on May 26, 2021 by Claire Dibben

      GROW Europe is the newest addition to HubSpot's 2021 event calendar - it's a unique online event for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service leaders who want to set their business up for maximum growth this year.

      With over 20 sessions throughout the day, talks from the CEO of Hopin and the VP EMEA of Google, premium networking, and an on-demand content library, GROW Europe is an unmissable event for professionals who want to best position themselves for the year ahead. 

      Oh, and did I mention that Noisy Little Monkey are sponsors too? If you scroll straight to the bottom of this blog, you can find out how to get your hands on free or discounted tickets.

      HubSpot's GROW Europe Agenda

      The agenda is stacked out with experts from brands like LinkedIn, Amazon Web Services, Google and Aircall. You could argue that there's too much content too choose from - and that, my friend, is where I come in.

      I've narrowed down the five talks from the day which I'm expecting to get the most actionable advice from. Each of the sessions below is designed to help your business thrive as we emerge from the outcomes of the last 18 months.

      Your Guide To Increasing New Business Revenue With An Inbound Methodology

      Talentia - an HR & Finance software leader - significantly increased new business generation and alignment between sales and marketing. In this session, they'll share how their teams used lead generation techniques and an innovative inbound methodology with HubSpot, to increase Talentia's number of new business opportunities by 40%, and reduced its sales cycle by 50%.

      Join Noisy Little Monkey at GROW Europe on 8th June - get your free ticket here!

      Creating A Better New Normal Through Diversity, Inclusion, And Belonging

      Looking ahead we want to create a better new normal to ensure our companies don't just recover but thrive. One key way to do this is to create team cultures based on diversity, inclusion and belonging.  Debbie Forster of Tech Talent Charter will show you how over 600 companies are making this work in real terms. They'll be taking questions from the audience too so you can find out how your company can take D&I to a new level.

      The Perfect Compensation Model For B2B SaaS Sales Teams

      Jonathan Anguelov, COO at Aircall, will teach you how to use innovative marketing strategy & cutting-edge business models to align your revenue model with your finance and sales teams. He'll reveal how the Aircall team has cracked the code to perfect sales and finance alignment, and the key tips he has on how to build the best compensation model for hyper-growth at scale.

      Join Noisy Little Monkey at GROW Europe on 8th June. Get 20% off a premium pass here.

      Return To Growth: Insights To Help Marketers With Recovery And Planning

      Though the marketing landscape is changing, the drivers of growth and profitability are still the same. Growth depends on balancing brand and demand marketing. Join this session hosted by LinkedIn's EMEA Senior Director, Nicolas Cappiello, to learn how organisations are responding to ongoing market and environmental changes with effective marketing strategies and tactics to return to growth. 

      Meetup: UK Professionals

      As a self-confessed extrovert, I LOVE going to online networking. During this session you'll have the chance to virtually "meet" and talk with other marketers and professionals from the UK in this interactive video-based networking.

      Get Your Hands On Free And Discounted Tickets

      Sounds good, no?

      The good news is Essentials Passes to GROW Europe are totally FREE! You can get yours here. Or, if you're interested in nabbing yourself a Premium Pass to the event (which gets you access to ALL the sessions, the networking AND the on-demand content library) you can get 20% off the ticket price via this link.

      See you there!

      Claire Dibben

      Events & Marketing Manager Claire writes about events, and, uh, marketing.

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