How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business?

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At the next Bristol HubSpot User Group event on Tuesday 18th September you'll learn how to 'Unlock The Power Of Video With Vidyard'. Ahead of the event, we sat down* with the guest speaker (Jennifer Huang) to discover how video can boost the sales and marketing strategies of any business.

*Metaphorically, of course. Jennifer is based in London so we did the interview via video because train fare is expensive (and she works for an online video platform so it would have been silly not to).

1. Hi Jenn! Over the last few years, everyone's been raving about using video to promote businesses online. Why do you think video works so well in generating engagement for organisations nowadays?



2. For marketers reading this blog who are quite time poor, what type of video would you suggest they start with creating?



3. Finally, what is the most common mistake you see people make when they start doing video in their marketing/sales strategy?



If you found these tips useful and want to hear Jennifer's words of wisdom in real life then the good news is you can book onto the next Bristol HUG event on Tuesday 18th September right here. The event is totally free of charge and you'll be supplied with food and drink before the talk starts so...what are you waiting for? Click the image below to register your place and we'll see you there on the day!

Unlock the power of video with Vidyard - register now!

Claire Dibben
Claire Dibben

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