How To Plan Your Video Content: Tips For Sales & Marketing Teams

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Video works really well for both sales and marketing teams. If you haven't tested this approach in your strategy yet, this webinar has a few tips to get you started on how to nurture leads through the buyer's journey using video content. 




Hello. I'm Katie from Noisy Little Monkey here to talk to you today about how to plan your videos. So in this video we're going to talk about what type of video you should be making, who the video should be for, and what you're going to actually say in the video. Now, before I start, slight disclaimer, I am working from home at the moment, hence the lack of bananas in the background. This headset. So sorry for the lack of glamour in this particular video.

What type of video should you be making?

So number one, what type of videos should you be making? So many types of videos out there. There are explainer videos, meet the team videos, demo videos, or walkthrough videos, even animated videos. But before you know what type of video you should be making, you need to think about where your prospect is going to be when they're seeing that video.

So if they're at the start of their buyer journey, they're going to want to know a bit about your product or have some sort of educational video, probably with a little bit of personality in it. So they get to know a bit about your brand. But if they're ready to buy from you, then they're going to want to know why your product or service is the best option rather than what it actually does cause they'll already know at this point.

Who is the video for?

You'll also need to know who the video is for before you can start to think about what type of video, or, who your buyer personas are. Luckily for you on the Noisy Little Monkey website, we have a buyer persona guide that's free. So a buyer persona is a semi fictional representation of your ideal buyer. You need to think about them constantly when making decisions about what type of video you want, because you're going to want it to appeal to them and most importantly, it's going to have to add value to them because they are who you want ultimately want to sell to.

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What is the video going to say?

Finally, we need to think about what your video is going to say. Sounds really obvious, but you'll need to write a script. You can't just wing it. I love to think that I can wing it, but very few people can. So write a script, get somebody on your team to proof it and make sure that it's getting the right message across. And don't forget to rehearse. We can't all be one shot wonders this particular video, this, by the time that it goes out, it'll probably be my 17th take and I've written a script and rehearsed, so make sure you rehearse and write a script. Here's some takeaways for you. Remember to decide on the type of video before you film and why that's the video that you're going to make. Write a script. Have your buyer personas in mind constantly, and educate whoever the videos for. If It's not providing value, there's no point in doing a video. That's Noisy Little Monkey. I am, Katie. If you've got any questions at all, then you know where we are. Thank you so much for watching this video. Bye.

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Katie Roberts

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