How To Post To Facebook As Your Brand

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Emma Roberts

So you have got the scoop on the latest news in your sector and just posted it on Facebook (using our previous blog as a guide to figure out when to post.) All is going great and you want to comment with your own opinion on the article. That’s fine, no harm in doing that but before doing so, remember to switch from the brand account to your own personal account.

One of the easiest mistakes a brand can make on social media is responding to a post using the wrong profile. Remember the rogue tweet from a Red Cross employee (though this is a good example of how you handle a mistake)

Forgetting to change accounts can lead to a post that looks something like this:

Commenting badly as a brand on Facebook

Do you think someone’s a bit overexcited?
This often arises if you have a number of people as managers of a brand or you just forgot to check who you’re posting as. Fortunately, swapping accounts is a really easy thing to do. For a start, you might have noticed that when you use Facebook as a page, it offers an extra tab in the top right of the page. This tab is called voices and lets you change the profile from which you are using to comment and like things.

swapping accounts on Facebook



Once you’ve changed profiles, you should notice small changes such as your personal profile picture will appear next to comment boxes rather than the brand picture.

account changed on Facebook

One last thing which we believe is something every serious brand should abide by. When you do post as the brand; never, ever post using me, myself or I, it’s we or us – you’re a team after all.

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