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      How To Use Video In Sales Outreach And Engage Your Prospects

      How To Use Video In Sales Outreach And Engage Your Prospects Featured Image
      Published on Apr 2, 2020 by Katie Roberts




      Hi, it's Katie from Noisy Little Monkey here, here to talk to you about how to use video in your sales outreach and how to engage your prospects. So I'm going to be talking about opportunity spotting, the actual video itself and then some tools that you can use to make the video. Now before I begin a little disclaimer, I am only going to be talking about stuff that has worked for me and Noisy Little Monkey . It might be very different in your industry, but I'm sure you are clever enough to adapt.

      Spot opportunities

      So here goes: the number one is opportunity spotting. Some examples of opportunities or trigger events are: somebody has gone onto your website and downloaded some gated content such as a case study or a how to guide, they've attended your event or they've connected with you on LinkedIn and engaged in some way.

      So they've replied to a message, they viewed your profile or they've liked some content that you've put out. They have to be legitimate opportunities. Cold outreach rarely works in 2020 so it has to be somebody that has engaged somehow with your company and that you know that you can help.

      What to include in a sales outreach video

      So the video itself should be about a minute long, less if possible. You should start by introducing yourself and your company and why you're getting in touch and then the rest should be about them and how you can help them. So for example, if somebody had come onto the Noisy Little Monkey website and downloaded a 'how to implement HubSpot' guide, I can then send them a video saying that we are a Diamond HubSpot Partner, explain how we can help them, and then a call to action at the end of the video. So... "book in a 15 minute call with me" or "let's go for coffee", depending on how confident you're feeling.

      Here's an example of a script that you can use. So as you can see it, it's very short. There's only two lines about me. And then the rest is why I'm getting in touch and then how we can help them. And then there's a call to action at the end. Feel free to pause and have a look at that, but please try and do it on a flattering view of my face.

      What video tools should you use?

      Finally, tools. So I'm personally using HubSpot, not HubSpot... Soapbox, which looks a bit like this when you go onto it. So you have um, a screen with all your videos on and then you have another tab of activities so you can see who's watched your video and how long they've watched it for. This is why half my face is here and then the other half is a PowerPoint. And you can use that for going onto people's websites as well.

      And so that when they see the thumbnail and that email, they know that it's about their website. Another tool you can use is Vidyard. This is really great because it integrates with HubSpot and I know the people at HubSpot use Vidyard. So this is also a great tool to use. If you are sending your videos through HubSpot CRM, then it's really good to create sequences afterwards so you can follow up with your prospects and make sure they've opened their video, if they've opened it, what they think about it, and then if you're going to book in a call. So to summarize, make sure you're spotting opportunities and not just cold leads. Create a very short and helpful video to send to them and then follow up with them to make sure that you're still engaging with them. That's all from me. I've been, Katie, this is Noisy Little Monkey. Please feel free to either email me or comment below if this is on LinkedIn. Um, and tell me what your thoughts are. Thanks very much for watching. Bye.


      Katie Roberts

      Head of Sales and Marketing for Noisy Little Monkey, Katie writes about sales tips and strategies in today's marketplace.

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