Beginners' HubSpot Analytics - How Do People Find My Website?

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HubSpot gives a mind boggling amount of information to us digital marketers. If you're new to HubSpot, here's how to find the useful info on which channel is driving website visitors to your site. 

  1. Log in to HubSpot
  2. Navigate to Reports >Analytics Tools
  3. Click on 'Traffic Analytics'

You should see a table which looks like this: 

How do people find my website

Why measure website visits by source in HubSpot?

Since it's key to understand which components of your Inbound Marketing activity are working most effectively, you've really got to measure website visits by source. This tells you how visitors enter your website. 

Added bonus - HubSpot shows you how many conversions on this report!

In the table beneath the graph, in the third data column, you can see how many new contacts (or website leads) for which each channel was responsible - a key metric for B2B and Professional Services marketers, which is difficult to get out of Google Analytics.

Want to know what else you should measure to determine your digital marketing ROI? 

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Jon Payne

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