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      HubSpot CMS Hub: The Ultimate Tool For Marketing Managers

      HubSpot CMS Hub: The Ultimate Tool For Marketing Managers Featured Image
      Published on May 1, 2020 by Claire Dibben

      Marketers, take note! May 5th sees the official launch of HubSpot's CMS Hub. It’s a product the HubSpot team has been working on for the past two years which is designed to help marketers like you and I build and optimise our own websites. Hurrah!

      Full disclosure before you read any further: Noisy Little Monkey are a Diamond HubSpot Partner and this blog is intended to tell you a bit more about the features and benefits of the new CMS Hub. I've been using it for the past month and have found it to be incredibly useful...

      Speaking from personal experience (and as someone that is not technical whatsoever), I’ve found traditional content management systems (CMS) quite difficult to manage. A CMS like WordPress allows me to easily add text, but if I want more complex updates then I’ve had to rope in the help of a developer meaning my ‘quick update’ to a web page can often be a much longer (and more expensive) process than I initially planned.  

      The backend of a website is an unfriendly place to be if you’re the non-technical bod behind the scenes trying to make the tech work for your business . . . 

      Introducing HubSpot’s new CMS Hub

      Enter: HubSpot CMS Hub.

      HubSpot is pretty excited about it. Here’s what Luke Summerfield (part of the Product team at HubSpot) says about the new CMS:  “The world of web design and the CMS industry is at the brink of a fundamental shift in how the world thinks about building and optimizing peak-performing websites.”

      The HubSpot CMS Hub is designed so that marketers like you and I are empowered to build and optimise our own sites. Yes, there are some brilliant products in the market for non-technical folk already (we love WordPress here at Noisy Little Monkey). However, the HubSpot CMS Hub offers a solution which is flexible enough to scale with a growing business through both its CMS Hub Professional and CMS Hub Enterprise offerings. That means no re-platforming your site as your business grows.

      Below you’ll find a quick run down of the key features of the CMS Hub.

      Features of CMS Hub Professional

      CMS Hub Professional is for fast-growing companies who are tired of being held back by clunky content management systems that require heavy maintenance and make it difficult for marketers to get their work done.


      With CMS Hub Professional, you get access to:

      • Maintenance and management without the migraines
        • SaaS CMS
        • CDN with 99.99% uptime
        • 24/7 security monitoring
        • Standard SSL certificate
        • Web application firewall

      • Easy to build and optimise remarkable web pages
        • Flexible website themes
        • Drag and drop editor (my fave!!)
        • Multi language content
        • SMART content
        • HubDB
        • App marketplace

      • All in one tool to help grow traffic and generate leads
        • CRM
        • SEO Recommendations
        • Google Search Console
        • Conversations: live chat and bots
        • A/B testing
        • Contact attribution reporting

      These tools allow marketers more time to focus on creating excellent customer experiences rather than going back and forth with developers. In turn, your developers can spend more time on coding more complicated, sophisticated solutions to enhance your customer experience on your own site and for your clients (if you work agency-side). Developers working on more complex problems (rather than tweaking the CSS) equals happy developers 😊

      Side note: I’d especially like to shout out the Drag & Drop function which I’ve been using for the past month - it has enabled me to play around with columns, sizing, spacing, and colours without the need to fiddle with code in design manager (ugh!) or pick up the phone and interrupt my developer. J’adore <3

      Features of CMS Hub Enterprise

      CMS Hub Enterprise is for scaling organisations that want to build powerful web app experiences and/or need to have growing governance over a team. 

      Here are the key features of CMS Hub Enterprise:

      • Build powerful web app experiences
        • Dynamic content with HubDB
        • Serverless functions
        • Memberships
        • SMART Content
        • APIs
      • Gain governance and control at scale
        • Content partitioning
        • Activity logging
        • Custom CDN configuration
        • Site performance reporting and API
        • SSO
        • User/team permissions

      • Extend your brand
        • Multiple brand domains
        • Micro sites
        • Multi-domain traffic reporting

      There are a couple of standouts in this list - we are thinking about how we could use the memberships functionality for our clients and whether multiple brand domains means that we can pull together a number of our sites so that they are using a single CRM.  

      In my opinion, I think HubSpot have really nailed their new offering - I've found it incredibly useful and think it will be a fantastic tool for non-techy marketers who like to get stuff done!

      If you’d like to talk to Noisy Little Monkey about getting the new CMS Hub up and running for your business so that you can create extraordinary customer experiences that drive business growth, get in touch with Katie today.

      Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

      Claire Dibben

      Events & Marketing Manager Claire writes about events, and, uh, marketing.

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