In A Twit About Your Twitter?

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As part of our social media service we are often asked to set up and design a clients' Twitter account. It can be quite simple, but it can also be a battle to get just what we want. So I've listed here some of the common hurdles we come across and the questions that are asked.

Is my @ name the same as my account name?

No. You can use your full name as the account name and it will show at the top of your Twitter profile page. Your account name gives more information about who you are and can be 20 characters long. Your username is the one after the @ sign and this can only be 15 characters long so be creative and think of something that captures who you are. You can use letters, numbers and underscores but no other characters.

I wanted that name!

A common complaint we hear is that a Twitter username is taken by someone else, and is usually inactive, which for the person or business trying to register it, is incredibly frustrating.

Sadly there is not a lot you can do about a name being taken (at the moment). However, Twitter are working on a solution to release inactive accounts. Keep an eye on @support for future updates on this. And remember to keep your account active or you will be in danger of the same.

Someone else is using my Trademark

Twitter have their own Trademark policy. To be in violation of its Trademark Policy, a company must be using your Trademark, logo or business name with the intention of misleading people. If someone is just using your name they are not necessarily doing anything wrong.

How do I personalise my profile page?

Customising your profile page makes you unique to those viewing your page. There are several design templates available by going to the Settings page. Alternatively you can design your own background and upload it so that your entire profile page is in-line with your business image. Background images must be in PNG, GIF or JPG format and smaller than 700k . We would also recommend using an image size of no more than 1500px wide by 960px deep and keep most of the visible background content to the first 200px. For help with uploading images see Twitter's Support page.

What type of Twitter account should I use?

There are several ways of presenting yourself and your company on Twitter - decide how you are going to do this before getting started. For a business, decide on your tone of voice. Will you be broadcasting offers and news only relating to the company? If so, you might want to use a smart corporate tone of voice and tweet as the company itself. Or you may want to create a voice for the company and imbue it with some personality.

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