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Inspirational Digital Ideas from the BBC

Posted in News by Jon Payne on 04-Jul-2012 17:57:15

Once again the BBC lead the way in all things digital with their sumptuous trailer for the Olympics.

Sure, we all moan about the licence fee occasionally - but this movie (the full version of which is nearly 3 minutes and, rumour has it, is in 3D) is proof that our licence fee is, in my opinion, money well spent.

We not only get some of the world's greatest TV without the pressures of 'the sponsors' vetoing programme material, we get this sort of world beating digital content.


Thanks to the clever bods at RKCR/Y&R it has music penned by the amazing Elbow and played by the BBC Philharmonic and NovaVox (with sales of the tune going to charity), stunning animation from Passion Pictures with cross platform downloads and extensions thanks to production by Red Bee.

Long may the BBC continue produce cutting edge cross platform content, I'm happy to pay £150 per year for it.

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