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      Internet Slang Dictionary: The 2016 Edition

      Internet Slang Dictionary: The 2016 Edition Featured Image
      Published on Dec 14, 2016 by Natalie Lam

      Another year is ending. Another slang dictionary begins. The classic 'WTF' has once again been brought to the forefront of youth speak in 2016 due to even more questionable abreevs and acronyms that have been surfacing our screens in the past 12 months. I mean, what even is 'woke'?!

      Luckily, at 22 years old, I'm still young and knowledgable enough to be the youth slang representative at Noisy Little Monkey (thank GAWD for younger siblings, yk?). So here I am to help you decode those 'WTF' words that you swiftly scroll past on Twitter to avoid any more confusion than necessary...

      being extra
      When somebody is being a bit OTT, melodramatic, pretentious, fake or annoying in some way.
      "Jon cried when I threatened to quit. He was being so extra."

      See screenshot below bc funny.
      dabbing definition

      dank memes
      Used when referring to a really great or funny situation that's occurred.
      "Lol, remember that time when I fell over in Amsterdam?"
      "That was dank memes."

      Used to support somebody when they are insulting someone.
      "Your momma's so fat, she wasn't even full after eating Natalie's bolognese"
      "Ooooh, drag!"

      To describe something that is 'off the chain' or just truly fantastic.
      "That's so fire."

      Killing myself. 
      Trump's won. kms. 

      Used when talking about exchanging contact details with someone, mostly referring to dating. 
      The girl in Starbucks gave me a free drink. Link.

      (see fire)
      "The Noisy Little Monkey mentions are so lit rn." 

      man with dog mask on dancing

      "Nice one, m80"

      Used ironically in a less than impressive situation. 
      "I can't believe Yoko Ono unfollowed me on Twitter"
      "Peak mate :/"

      Social justice warrior
      "All these god damn SJWs just need to actually have a political discussion without getting angry about what they're passionate about!"

      social justice warrior meme

      Swear to God
      I s2g if I hear one more thing about Trump...

      Being politically aware, correct and knowing what's going on in the community. 
      "UGH, people need to stop being so PC!"
      "You clearly aren't woke."

      You get me
      "idk why, i just think she's a dick. ygm?"

      You know
      I just really love dogs, yk?

      As you can see, it's been a strong year for slang and we can't wait to see what crazy ass words 2017 will bring to the world. If we've missed any out, tweet me @noisymonkey or @naaaatalie and I'll make sure to add it to the list and respond to you in a way that you should now be able to decode! 

      Natalie Lam

      Natalie is the go to gal for social and images. Her photo skillz are super slay and she can sling a bit of code should the need arise.

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