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watching eyesIt can be hard to track how your website is performing - lack of time, not sure where to look and also due to Google's amazing ability to show you exactly what you want to see when you search. With localised search and personalisation on your Google results, you can never quite be sure if what you are seeing is the same as your customers.

With the huge take up of social media there's also a massive audience ready to engage with your brand, in fact they're probably already talking about you. Let's hope they're saying nice things because not only do humans use Twitter, Facebook and all the others, but Google does too. If your brand has a lot of negative sentiment and a competitor has lots of good sentiment, you will almost certainly lose out on Google Rank to them too.

How can you possibly cope with all this techie nonsense, you've got a life, right?

Don't fret! Report & Recommend, our new quarterly reporting package will give you the 4 key performance indicators you need. In a simple and understandable way Report & Recommend will show what is working and what needs improvement. It's not simply numbers and graphs, every quarter the search & social marketing team at Noisy Little Monkey will come up with cutting edge recommendations and advice on how to make your brand perform better online.

Report & Recommend includes:

  • Got Rank?
    We'll track your position in Google. See the ups and downs so you can ensure you're always near the top of the results.
  • Got Love?
    Google uses the number / authority / sentiment of mentions of your brand on Social Media to calculate how high you should be in the results. See what people are saying about your brand.
  • Got Links?
    Google uses the number / authority of links to your website to calculate how high you should be in the results. We'll show you what new links have been created to your content.
  • Web Visits Executive Summary
    Simplified data from Google Analytics to help you understand which bits of your marketing mix are driving traffic to the site and identify your site's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Recommendations
    From quick fixes to strategic ideas, we'll use this data (plus some secret, really nerdy stuff) to help you improve.

But wait! There's more! Because Google hates slow and broken websites, we'll monitor the speed of your site, any broken links, error pages and other critical but technical stuff which needs fixing.

You'll get this extra website health check every month. It's exclusive to subscribers of Report & Recommend. We call it Fix It, you can add the "please" when you forward it on to your web developer.

Fix It to get your website in Google's good books. Use Report & Recommend to go to the top of the class and still have time go out and play.

Prices start at £165 per month.

Get in touch and we'll send you an example report.

Sophie Wells
Sophie Wells

Any jobs Sophie hasn't done at Noisy Little Monkey aren't worth mentioning. Sophie blogs about marketing and stuff.

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