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Launching A Big Noise for a Good Cause

Posted in Big Noise, Posted in News by Jon Payne on 08-Apr-2013 12:01:40

The Noisy Little Monkey team are lucky enough to all have a well paid job, a safe place to call home and none of us worry about if we can afford to eat. I think I speak for us all when I say, when we watch the news at night, we realise what an easy, easy life we have.

However, we're in a recession, so we're probably giving considerably less to charities than we'd like to.

Good news then, that in exchange for a little publicity Noisy Little Monkey is giving away £9,000 worth of our time and resources to a charity / Not For Profit based in (or working in) the Bristol and/or Somerset area. We're calling it...

A Big Noise for a Good CauseA Big Noise for a Good Cause

We'll be making more of a song and dance about it at some point, no doubt, but right now we'd just like to hear from any charity from the tiniest to the mightiest, who'd like us to help them get more donations / volunteers / sales / whatever out of their online presence. Even if they don't have an online presence yet.

If you know of anyone, send them this link:

If you're a journalist, blogger, dude / dudette of influence - here's the press release.

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