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      Lost your marketing mojo? Join the club.

      Lost your marketing mojo? Join the club. Featured Image
      Published on Apr 21, 2021 by Claire Dibben

      The past twelve months have proven to be a challenge for in-house and agency marketers to navigate; budgets have been cut, teams reduced, morale lacking… and your boss still expects the same results?!

      It's no wonder you've lost your motivation but this is where Digital Gaggle comes to your rescue. 

      What is Digital Gaggle?

      Digital Gaggle is an online marketing festival organised by Noisy Little Monkey. It takes place on Thursday 13th May from 9am - 4.30pm and is designed to help professional marketers reconnect with their marketing mojo.

      You'll learn best practice and get inspired by industry leaders who'll help you understand how to create even better marketing campaigns which generate even better results for your business. 

      What can I expect?

      A good time, of course! 

      But in all seriousness... If you haven't been to a Gaggle before, the conference is designed to be the antidote to stuffy marketing events. Expect an exceptional speaker line-up and forget everything you thought you knew about online events; we're about to rip up the blueprint.

      Here's what's in store for you at the event next month:

      •  Five 30 minute talks from industry leaders with tips and inspiration to help you do better marketing
      • 1-1 and group facilitated networking sessions so that you can meet like-minded people in your industry and reconnect
      • Creative ice breakers (painting, anyone?) to encourage you to step away from your screen and think differently
      • Breakout sessions with deep dives on other digital marketing topics
      • An after party with alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails sent straight to your door!
      If you're more of a visual learner, check out the video for a taste of what the last Gaggle was like.


      Speakers and topics

      You can expect to hear from brands including Bupa and Natracare. Check out the talk topics below...

      An image of the five speakers at Digital Gaggle with their photos, names and job titles underneath.

      Business Success With Core Web Vitals, Izzi Smith (Technical SEO Team Lead at Ryte)

      Potential ranking boost aside, improving your Core Web Vitals means providing stronger and more stable experiences for website visitors so it’s definitely worth your attention in 2021. However, these metrics can be difficult to grasp and even harder to improve. Not to worry! Izzi will be demystifying the Core Web Vital metrics and speed tooling, giving advice on how to improve them, and top tips on getting stakeholder buy-in, all with some juicy case studies from successful (and not so successful) domains.

      The Secrets To A Successful Influencer Campaign, Natalie Lam (Digital Marketing Manager at Natracare)

      How do you ensure that your brand new influencer campaign is successful and, most importantly, doesn’t damage your brand’s reputation? Natalie Lam, Digital Marketing Manager at Natracare, will be sharing her tips for marketers who want to make the most of an influencer collaboration. From how to approach a partner to negotiating a budget, you’ll leave the webinar feeling inspired and with a notepad full of advice for turning your next campaign into a success story which drives real ROI.

      B2B Paid Media Lead Generation: Tools & Tactics to Drive Qualified Inbound Leads, Sam Noble (Founder at Biddable Moments)

      Being able to deliver qualified inbound leads from paid media takes you a big step closer towards positive ROI. In this insightful session, award-winning paid media consultant, Sam Noble, provides a list of tried-and-tested strategies and techniques that B2B companies can employ to drive results from paid social, PPC, and digital advertising.

      Which Means That: Three Words That Will Change Your Marketing Communications, Andi Jarvis (Founder at Eximo Marketing)

      You’ve got a great product or service, everyone in your organisation thinks it’s AMAZING. Yet when it’s out in the wild, no one buys it. Worse than that, no one cares either. Why is that? Well, if your product/service is as good as you think, the problem is the way you’re communicating it. Marketing communications has been overrun by the boring brigade, listing features and hoping to batter customers into submission. We’re better than that. You’re better than that. This presentation will give you some practical tools and tips to help you improve your marketing communications and make customers care.

      Burnout In The Time Of Covid: What It Is, What Causes It And How To Deal With It, Juliet Hodges (Behavioural Insights Team, Bupa)

      The pressure to always be “on” means more and more of us are being pushed to the point of exhaustion – and carrying on anyway. For many, this has been exacerbated by the pandemic, where the blurred lines between work and home can make everything feel more intense. In this presentation, Juliet will explore what exactly burnout is, how you can recognise it, what causes it and how this has been affected by Covid, and simple techniques you can use to help manage it.

      How much are tickets?

      Tickets start at just £19. Bargain, right? This is thanks to the generous support of our sponsors: t&s creative communications, Life Media UK and Somerset Design. 

      You can get your mitts on one here or click the button below. See you there!

      Claire Dibben

      Events & Marketing Manager Claire writes about events, and, uh, marketing.

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