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Posted in News by Nicola Payne on 30-Apr-2012 14:30:24

STOP PRESS: from 1 June 2012 our day rate will be going up by £50. In a world that keeps on getting more and more expensive, we like to think that this price rise represents great value. Over the last year, we have been investing in people and better research tools, so you are no longer just getting Jon waving his arms around, but a group of people supporting him, making sure we deliver what he promises on time and with greater levels of creativity, clarity and insight. We’ve worked with fantastic clients this year helping and advising them on their digital marketing: this price increase will enable us to offer an even better service in the year ahead.

For some legacy clients, whose rate has somehow slipped way behind our average rates, then the increase will be more than £50. Ouch. Sorry.

While we are being serious and business-like, we have finally added our terms of business to the website. In and amongst the legalese, you will notice that our payment terms are strictly 30 days from the invoice date – we’ll be iMonkey Stickermplementing this in a more business like way in May as our accounts system will start to chase payments after 31 days.

For those lovely prompt payers out there, we’ll be sending a monkey sticker thank you if you pay within two weeks – there’s 10 to collect.

Phew, enough serious stuff.

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Nicola Payne

Nicola Payne

Managing Director at Noisy Little Monkey, Nicola posts about Google Analytics and managing marketing teams.

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