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      MOT Your Website

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      Published on May 11, 2012 by Jon Payne

      Google's latest updates indicate to us that fast loading, error free sites, packed with useful information for users remains the key to ranking well. Here we share the tests we use to keep our clients' sites in tip top condition.

      The way people use the web and the way Google ranks stuff doesn't occur in a static bubble, so expect to see another update in a few months.

      To run these reports, you'll need to have access to your site in Google Webmaster Tools (WMT).

      Crawl Errors

      Although 404 errors don’t necessarily harm the ranking of your site, you are directing visitors to pages that don’t exist, which effects the user experience of the site and means they are missing content that they may want to see. Lots of 404 errors can indicate other problems with the site.

      This is bad:

      This is a bad graph for crawl errors

      More useful information on 404 errors can be found here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2409439


      Something again in WMT, but we also use Sucuri Security - it's free and spots ageing / duff javascript a bit sooner than Google's tool.

      Malware Check

      HTML Improvements

      This is great - Google actually points out where you may have accidentally used duplicate content (meta descriptions and titles in this case) on your site. Often it can be fixed by blocking Google from spidering or indexing your category or paginated pages.

      HTML Improvements

      Need a good way to understand what Google sees as the most important words on your site? Check out the Content Keywords report Decide whether these top 10 keywords fully reflect your online objectives; if they don’t you might want to tweak the text and/or headings.

      content keywords

      Site Speed

      Spidering the whole web is a HUGE job! Google therefore directs resource where it can get the best information in the quickest time. If your website is slow, unless there are lots of other indicators that show your website is massively trusted by the online community (links, social shares, mentions in the press / media), Google is less likely to spider the deep pages where all your good content lives.

      site speed

      This report https://developers.google.com/pagespeed/ will tell you how to speed your site up.


      You're doing a great job of producing fantastic content, it's getting shared by influencers of your target market on social media marketing channels and maybe you're getting mentions / links in the press? GREAT! Someone in finance decides to buy a bazillion links for £500 because of an email they got this morning? BAD.

      Majestic SEO - Backlinks

      Use Majestic SEO to be sure that your link growth graph is broadly matched by your social media mentions / shares and any mentions in other media, including offline. If anyone's being a lone wolf and buying links on your behalf, this should help you spot them.

      Jon Payne

      Founder and Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey, Jon blogs about SEO and digital marketing strategy.

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