My first 3 months at Monkey towers

by Matthew Weeks

Matthew- SEO DudeWhen I first stepped into the ‘Monkey cage’ at Noisy Little Monkey, I was pretty damn nervous to say the least! I had never, ever worked in an office environment before and had no clue whatsoever what it would be like. I have spent the last 5 years as an electrical engineer, driving around the country and was proud of my ‘white van man’ image. The closest thing I ever came to an office was when I got home of an evening and worked on my own websites, which I really enjoyed.

So being sat down in an office environment all day in front of a computer was my idea of heaven! I knew where I was going every day and had a good understanding of the job I was employed to do. Now, some of you reading this may think. ‘You’re mad! I work in an office every day and I hate it!’ Well when you have been trying to get into an industry for a long time with no agency experience is bloody hard work, so to get my foot in the door at NLM was amazing.

So after many years of getting stressed out in the engineering sector, becoming pretty well qualified as an engineer and still not really enjoying it, I decided to take the plunge.

I have been messing around with SEO for years in my spare time, learning the hard way and experimenting with new ideas and methods all time. One of my biggest and most expensive hobbies is Domains, I own 100’s of domains and have spent hours developing them into small sites.

If you are like me and have been trying to get your foot into the door of a search consultancy, I can’t recommend it enough, to be honest. Even when some of the tasks are a little slow and mundane I think back to the time when I was doing 15 hour days, 1000 miles a week and shudder. I then get back on it, full of enthusiasm.

The thing I enjoy most about my job at NLM is working in a creative environment, with the brainstorm meetings being my favourite bit of the job. Coming up with some great ideas how to promote a company online, and seeing the results of the search and social marketing campaigns we run is great because when you have an idea that you can prove has worked, it gives you confidence in your abilities.

I really do enjoy my job and I thought I would never say that! I think I have joined this company at an exciting time, and look forward to the future, and more of Jon’s jokes.

All that’s left for me to do now is to try and persuade the guys to let me have some RnB on the radio, a big bouncy bean bag for me to have a quick nap, and a wall made of Velcro, with matching Velcro suits that would be great!

It may take a little while to persuade them, but I think they will come round. :)

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