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Say what now?

I said No Easy Monkey, which is what Google 'hears' when I say Noisy Little Monkey. How do I know? I've tried it, because I wanted to test how Noisy Little Monkey would show in results if I spoke to Google to tell it what I wanted, rather than typing it in.

This is important because a huge change at Google in August 2013, called the "Hummingbird" update, has made conversational search a much more usable function.

Essentially you speak to Google (either in its Chrome browser or the Google Now App on your phone) and tell it what you'd like it to help you find.

Try it. Click the microphone icon on either of the apps described above and say Jenny Jones Snowboarder and you should get an answer read aloud back to you. Probably something along the lines of 'According to Wikipedia, Jenny Jones is a British Snowboarder'

Which is really useful if you want to look up British snowboarders. This isn't her, but it is a jolly nice picture.


It's also useful if you have the Google Now app because you can say 'Take me to Noisy Little Monkey' and Google will open Google maps / navigation to bring you to our office in Bristol or Shepton Mallet.

Google Now also reminds you of appointments, gives you directions to them before you search, suggests good places to eat and loads of other useful stuff... BEFORE YOU SEARCH (excuse the colour there, but SHIT JUST GOT REAL). I got a kind of sneak peak by installing Cyanodgen Mod and travelling route 66 in October last year, but Google Now will be pretty much THE essential app on most new Android phones, particularly those that come with wearables such as watches and glasses.*

Where it seems to fall down is on my Portsmouth accent and my name. Saying 'Take me to Noisy Little Monkey' works because I guess there are less items to choose from in Google maps than there are in the search results, where it's interpreting my search as 'No Easy Monkey' when I say 'Noisy Little Monkey'.

It also interprets 'Jon Payne' as 'John Payne' with an 'H'. No Google, I'm Jon Payne, no H. Ah well. Maybe I'd better go back to my given name of Jonathan Payne... It sounds more authorititative anyway, huh?

*UPDATE: January 15 2014 - My Motorola MotoG just updated to Android KitKat which makes the speak to Google functionality a bit more embedded with the process. More importantly, Google has just announced the Moto X will be released in the UK in February 2014 and that's "touchless"... you just have to start your instructions with 'OK Google...' and the phone begins listening!

Hummingbird Image: David~O


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Jon Payne

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