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Noisy Little Monkey Speak at BRAVE

Posted in Talks by Sallyanne on 01-Feb-2013 13:56:21

Last week, Jon and Sallyanne ventured outside the NLM office for the day and presented to local businesses about SEO and the Use of Social Media.

Jon Payne speaks about search engine optimisation

Topics covered during the Search Engine Optimisation workshop included:
● How Google perceives knowledge
● Understanding your client’s needs and wants and addressing them on your website
● Analysing Google Analytics
● Providing great content that engages with your customer
● Breaking down barriers within the customer’s online journey
● How digital marketing affects websites and how creating ‘online noise’ using social media can feed traffic to your website
● Writing Meta Descriptions that attract clicks
● Using and understanding Google Trends

Topics covered during the Social Media workshop included:
● Making sure your website is setup for social media
● Content ideas for blogging
● An overview of the key players in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn)
● Maximising your social authority
● Deciding what and when to share
● Measuring Return On Investment (ROI)

If you wish to view the slides, please visit the links below:
· Noisy Little Monkey present Search Engine Optimisation
· Noisy Little Monkey on Social Media for Businesses

Noisy Little Monkey provide workshops to BRAVE clients every couple of months. The next workshops are being held on the 17th April. Find out more about the Search Engine Optimisation event and Social Media event.

Find out more information about BRAVE.

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