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Posted in Talks by Josh Baldwin on 08-Jul-2013 10:03:28

That's a hard question!

Jon won't be straining for answers

We love getting questions and helping people with what we’ve learnt. We’re a bit late to the game with all things video but we've decided to bring you lovely people some awesome tips and answer any of your questions with a Noisy Little Vlog (video+blog=vlog).

Starting us off will be the Sensei of search, Jon who will vlog to his heart's content on the topic: Wordpress Vs Blogger.

But we don’t want to stop there. We’ve got a taste for vlogging and want to bring you more, so we need questions, lots of them if possible.

Some examples of vlog questions:

  • ‘How do I get more likes on Facebook?’
  • ‘Can you prove that social media is working for business?’
  • ‘Where can I find a good web design company?’

Any question you have about the World Wide Web, we will try our very best to answer, So ask away.

Leave a comment on the blog or Facebook and tweet us your questions with #NoisyVlog


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Josh Baldwin

Josh Baldwin

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