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Not The Digital Marketing Agency You're Looking For

Posted in rants by Jon Payne on 09-Jul-2014 10:08:20

Like Old Ben’s 'Jedi Mind Trick', this isn't strictly true… but quite often it is. Quite often we’re not the digital marketing agency prospective clients want. That’s not to say they don’t need digital marketing services like Noisy Little Monkey's but they’re scared.

Why might you fear us?

Because we’ll require you to do more than ‘think outside the box’, ‘push the envelope’ or ‘step into our strategy wok to stir fry a few ideas’.

The Noisy Little Monkey marketing geeks will ask you to take risks. To gamble a bit. To do the unexpected. To kick against the pricks of convention.

Why should you kick against the pricks?

Digital marketing, particularly through search and social channels is primarily about sharing.

So, there are 3 essentials to a digital marketing campaign.

  1. When people share and blog about content on your site you get a lovely, diverse set of back links (and citations). This is good for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  2. When people share your content on social channels, this drives traffic from their connections to your website. This is good Social Media marketing.
  3. When you see the results in Google Analytics (and on your bottom line), you’ll want to produce more useful, engaging, entertaining content for your audience. This is also good for SEO. And for social.
Check it out. This is what the traffic looks like from search and social channels when you get your digital marketing campaign right, the top graph is traffic from all (non paid) sources. The bottom is from Google (non paid):
visitors to website from search and social

We can't do this for your websites if...

You want us to share your whitepapers.

You don’t want to say anything controversial.

You want to use stock images.

You don’t think people look for your services from mobile devices.

You aren't prepared to look into the data.

You only want to share content that exists on your website.

You don’t want to give away any secrets.

You think the phrase “We think that’s a fabulous idea but ‘funny’ isn’t really 'on brand' for us,” is acceptable in marketing.

You do the ‘bunny ears fingers thing’ around the words 'funny' and 'on brand' and get upset when we point and laugh at you.

Because you won't complete the 3 essentials to a digital marketing campaign.

Which means we won’t be proud of our work.

Which means...

this isn't the digital marketing agency you're looking for

Because our work doesn't save lives, it doesn't promote better health or world peace… So, the loftiest goal we can hope for is to have a laugh and feel good about our work.

For that to happen your digital marketing campaigns have to be successful.

Success for our clients means many different things:

  • More phone calls
  • More forms filled in on their website
  • More online checkouts
  • Less abandoned baskets
  • More people to choose their brand when they’re filling their basket in Tesco
  • Less reliance (and less spend) on PPC / Google AdWords

For a campaign to be successful and make us proud we all need to have a little fun. This includes you, your digital marketing agency, and your audience.

Wanna mess around?

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Jon Payne

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