Optimising LinkedIn Updates

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Want more people to read what you post on LinkedIn? Optimise your text so that it draws people in.

Sharing content on LinkedIn is a great way to update your connections with business growth, news and sharing your knowledge.

Sharing on LinkedIn is quite simple, as outlined below. But did you know you can optimise articles that you share offering your audience more detail, and you the opportunity to include the text which attracts the click.

Why bother optimising your text?

In a heavily connected world, people have little time to read everything which is presented to them via the multitude of platforms we’re all on. This means you need to work harder to grab their attention and earn that click.

Taking the time to optimise your text on LinkedIn is a great way to attract people’s attention and is a quick way of increasing your engagement, which is what we all want. After all, why else would you bother posting something if you didn’t want anyone to read it?!

What should you share via LinkedIn?

Anything you find interesting in a professional capacity. For example:

  • Articles from your blog
  • Industry publications
  • Statistics and demographics
  • Special deals from your business or business connections
  • Local community information
  • Videos from business events
  • Presentations from events

The technical bits…

The text which is displayed by default on an article is pulled in from the description text or is the first couple of lines of text from the article. Thus defaults to what the company has set it to, not necessarily portraying the message you wish to broadcast.

For example, this post about optimising your LinkedIn profile, displays the following text on LinkedIn when you share the link:

How to Choose the Right LinkedIn Profile Photo







You will see that I've optimised it to draw in the reader but this isn’t always the case and sometimes you may end up with text that doesn’t attract the click or says something you may not agree with. For example:

Bad Example of LinkedIn Optimised text







As it is, my audience can see when the above article was last updated – information they most probably do not want to read!

So how do I get rid of this?

Editing LinkedIn Text

  • Paste in the URL you wish to share with your connections
  • The article will appear as above
  • Choose which picture you would like to display by clicking the arrows (sometimes you may not have an option about which image you use, if, for example there is only one image on the page)
  • Hover over the title text and click – edit the text as you see fit
  • Hover over the main piece of text and click – edit the text as you see fit

Thing to Remember:

  1. Share articles which you think your audience will enjoy reading
  2. Share articles which will interest your target market and highlight your skills and expertise in your field
  3. Optimise text to attract the click – make people want to click by asking questions, using emotional language and including call to actions

Remember: LinkedIn is a professional business networking platform so share the types of content which you would discuss during a meeting

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