Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile - Best Practice

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LinkedIn - a hotbed of dos and don’ts, include this, exclude that. But what are the easy wins when it comes to LinkedIn Profiles?

Alter the way you view LinkedIn; instead of considering it as a networking platform where you connect with people you met at a recent event, think of it as a search platform and thus, your profile as an answer. The reason for this are elements of your profile, such as your ‘title’, will take on a whole new direction if you alter your view.

Using keywords and terms in your title will boost your LinkedIn ranking for terms with which you want to be associated. This also works for optimising your brand.

For example the below:

Mr LinkedIn Man, Lead Pen Designer at Funky Pen Designs, Designing funky pens for all

is much more informative, interesting and optimised than:

Mr LinkedIn Man, Pen Designer

You can also optimise any external links you include on your LinkedIn Profile, such as a link to your personal website, by altering your anchor text. This is easier than it sounds ... When in editing mode, drop down your ‘Edit Contact Info’ tab (with the small folder icon)

How to edit your LinkedIn profile

and hit the pencil icon next to the Websites tab ...

How to edit your LinkedIn profile - website tab

Select ‘Other’, type in your site name (being sure to include any key terms), enter the URL and hit Save.

How to edit your LinkedIn profile - anchor text

An additional way you can optimise your LinkedIn Profile is by personalising your URL (you may have seen this feature on Facebook?) Personalising your LinkedIn URL allows users to search for you easily within LinkedIn but also adds juice to your presence in search engines. Typically you will use your name to populate the URL.

To personlise your URL, go into Edit mode and click the link just under your profile picture. This will take you to a page allowing you to customise your public profile. Scroll down and on the left hand side you will see the customise your public URL box ...

How to Customise your public profile URL on LinkedIn

Click the 'Customise your public profile URL' link and follow the instructions ...

How to Customise your public profile URL on LinkedIn

Is your LinkedIn profile well optimised? Check the following list:

  • Have you considered your audience when filling in your profile? Is your title informative? You know what you do for a living but someone searching for you may not
  • Have you included external links and optimised them? Additional information might boost rankings in search engines and also gives a user a more informed picture of you and / or your company
  • Have you claimed your personalised URL?

Remember: Keep in mind your audience (both human and engine) when you create your LinkedIn profile.

*These instructions currently apply to your LinkedIn profile but is not advised to repeat search terms throughout your text to the point it becomes clunky and difficult to read on your website.

CC Image courtesy of Flickr, nan palmero

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