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Professor TrafficWhat does he do?

Professor Traffic is a simple Plug-in that integrates with Google Analytics to track which of your social shares drive traffic to your website.

How do I see the results?

Professor Traffic uses existing reports in Google Analytics, there is no set up required - the reports show how many visitors followed links you shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn as well as any other custom sites you may be using. It’s not only for social media sites, you can track the links from PDFs, websites, emails, newsletters and QR codes.

Medium tracked in Google Analytics

What is the benefit?

You can see which specific links drove traffic to your site and then refine your social strategy accordingly.

It’s really easy for anyone to use! It can be fiddly to select the right URL that you want to email someone or share on your LinkedIn profile. Professor Traffic makes it simple. Are you looking at the page you want to share? Then click his face. You make your colleagues lives easier PLUS you get better reports.

How do I get it?

Professor Traffic is free and easy to install. Go to the Google Web Store in Google Chrome and search for Professor Traffic. Click on the blue bar that says Add to Chrome and follow the instructions. The Professor Traffic icon will appear in the top right hand corner of your Browser.

How do I use it?

It’s pretty intuitive, but so you can customise the reports in Analytics, you should check out the quick set up guide here.


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