The Best of 2013

by Sallyanne

Over the last year we have produced loads of articles and blog posts so you can learn what we learn at the coal face of digital marketing. Well, it's not quite a coal face, in truth we're creating awesome websites, content and news from within the high walls of the Banana Warehouse at Aardman (Yes it is actually called that - in the 1980s it was used as a banana-ripening warehouse for Fyffe’s).

Here's our favourite Noisy Little Monkey blog posts from 2013 and wouldn't you know it, I've gone all Channel 4 and stuck them in one handy list for you :)



Friday 13th - a day that superstitious people everywhere dread! We took a look at 13 marketing campaign blunders... Don't try this at home!






When Nic and Jon visited the States in November, they found that US marketing strategies were often jarring yet somehow similar, to those in the UK. Check out Marketing Route 66 Style...






In October, inspired by our Big Noise for A Good Cause campaign, Josh gave you his round-up of useful marketing tools for charities and non-profits. Top of the list were YouTube and GoogleAd Grants... See what else made the list in his excellent post.






In September, Sallyanne explained to you how she searches for silver dresses and why your content needs to address a searcher's needs if you want to convert them into a customer. Find out more about writing META descriptions...






In a bid to give our customers the best web design advice, Josh uncovered some beauties. Not. Check out his top 5 awfully bad websites... It's the most popular article on the website this year!






Jon ranted and raved about WordPress Vs Blogger in our Vlog in July. But which did he decide was best? Find out...






Queen of all things financial at NLM, Nic showed you how to get more for your money when she discussed her 3 business boosting tips for companies with slashed marketing budgets...






Tash gave you 4 ways to write killer content in May. Take a look at how you can get your creative juices flowing... Even if, like Tash, you'd prefer to be on Pinterest.






In April we launched our charity competition: Big Noise for A Good Cause. ESCAPE Support Group were the grateful recipients of nearly £10,000 worth of digital marketing help...






Tash gave you a wink and a nudge in March when she explained how to focus your marketing attention on the right activities...






In February, Sophie told you how a cheap website could ruin your business and why you should be using WordPress...






LinkedIn lover, Sallyanne, showed you how to best optimise your LinkedIn profile... This often overlooked social network can help you unearth some hidden gems in your prospects list.





And so concludes our round up of 2013! For Noisy Little Monkey it has been a busy year, expanding the team (we've more than doubled the team), welcoming on board lots of lovely new clients and keeping up-to-date with the ever changing world of digital marketing.

Follow us on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn or just pop back here now and then, we'll keep you abreast of the fresh thinking and winning ideas for 2014 and beyond! Happy New Year!

Image Credit: StockImages

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