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      Search Console Data Appears On The SERP

      Search Console Data Appears On The SERP Featured Image
      Published on Nov 19, 2018 by Angharad Lock

      The latest SERP (Search Engine Results Page) tweaks from Google are becoming apparent with Google Search Console performance data appearing on the SERP from branded queries. Now you can see your monthly clicks, impressions and average position at the click of a branded search!


      Search Console Data on SERP

      How to see your clicks, impressions and average position on the SERP 

      You need to be logged into Chrome under your website's verified Search Console owner account, obviously. And (presumably) to stop people freaking out, Google has included a "Visible only to you" note.

      Interestingly, this search analytics widget only appears under branded queries at the moment.

      As you can see, a search for "Noisy Little Monkey" pulls through this panel with data on how our site has performed in the last 28 days compared to the previous. 

      Clicks: 234 (a 24% increase) 

      Impressions: 324 (a 11% increase)

      Average position: 1.0 (an increase of 0.1)


      Search Console Data on SERP


      And on mobile, our Digital Gaggle website's performance can be seen:

      Clicks: 151 (36% increase)

      Impressions: 166 (32% increase)

      Average position: 1 (no change)

      Search Console Data on SERP on Mobile


      But a search for "SEO Bristol", which we rank for, doesn't show any search data.

      As an agency, we naturally have access to our client's Search Console properties, and even branded queries for our clients (when logged in to the admin Noisy Little Monkey Google Account) also pulled through this data.

      Is it useful? I'm not sure I can see myself choosing this over logging into Search Console itself, but perhaps for a brief overview it will prove useful to some. And perhaps it is a sign of things to come. As Rand Fishkin said at BrightonSEO this year, “the future of SEO is on the SERP”. Why wouldn’t this apply to search analytics as well as to weather queries, and hotels, film and television, notable people, videos, or even sports?

      Angharad Lock

      Senior SEO Executive at Noisy Little Monkey, Angharad is a fan of words and numbers. Basically, Countdown incarnate.

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