Search Love 2011

Posted in SEO by Matthew Weeks

Search love 2011

Recently Jon and I attended SearchLove in London hosted by the guys over at Distilled and a host of other people, including some big names in the search world such as Rand Fishkin, Patrick Altoft and Martin Macdonald just to name a few.

It was a great two days and I came away from it buzzing - full of new ideas and tools I wanted to try out. So for readers of the Noisy Little Monkey blog I wanted to share with you 10 things I learnt that you may find useful.

My two favourite speakers over the two days where Patrick Altoft (@patrickaltoft) from Branded3 and Stephen Pavlovich (@conversionfac) from Conversion Factory.

Some of processes Stephen talked about for coming up with ideas and documenting them for CRO on websites blew my mind, and I have put them into practice already (CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimisation - optimising a website / process to get more sales, enquiries, e.t.c.).

My top 10 tips from SearchLove are:

  1. Using third party data to profile your customer, helps cut your costs and only target the right people.
  2. TV advertising is not going to die, it’s just going to progress online.
  3. Regarding the EU cookie law- Do an audit of all the third party cookies you have on your website, so you know how to ask user permission when the cookie law starts in May. It's worth reading Nicola's post EU Cookie Law too.
  4. If your website (or certain pages on it) have been affected by Panda updates, the industry slang for that content is Bamboo (panda food).
  5. If your website is not performing well don’t start building links to it before you improve it.
  6. If you run an Ecommerce store, allow the customer to create an account after they have placed an order, this will make the order process far easier.
  7. If you are looking for a certain individual to write a guest blog post for your website then it helps to be nice to them before you get in touch. Interact with them on Twitter, retweet their stuff, tweet at them and leave useful comments on their blog. Only then email them asking them for a guest blog post or to review your product.
  8. If a competitor of yours lets their domain name expire and it has links pointing to it, register it and redirect it to your website.
  9. If you are a member of lots of forums or websites which have a profile page, make profiles a point of pride so users link to them. Also make sure you use these as places to link to your websites.
  10. Finally use Similar Sites. It’s a great way of finding online competitors in your market or niche.

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