See ya later, then.

by Lily Doble

Today I will be hanging up my monkey hat to gallivant off to take photos of things for another animal-themed creative company based in Bath. Today marks my last day in the monkey den, and while I’m fighting back the tears I thought I’d compile a list of things I’ve learned whilst being a monkey.

Social media is harddd

For reals. I think people have this idea that people who work in social media are just on Facebook all day, or spend far too long looking for gifs to accompany their long-winded blog posts … *insert eye roll emoji here*.

Seriously, doing social media well is a tough job*. The landscape is evolving every single second. Keeping up with changes and adapting quickly, as well as furiously reading, researching and writing content to share every. single. day. is not an easy task. Not to mention regularly monitoring multiple channels for interaction and responding in a timely fashion, as well as looking at growth and interaction month-on-month to plan long term goals. You need multiple heads focused on multiple jobs. Only multi taskers need apply!

*anyone can churn out some shitty tweets, but only NLM will truly satisfy your social needs.

Tools, tools, tools

This job will make your head spin but luckily there are a whole bunch of amazing tools out there created by some clever folk that you can use to make your life a whole lot easier. Buffer, despite being glitchy as hell sometimes, is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I’d been familiar with Buffer and Hootsuite before I came, but using things like Followerwonk for finding new audiences was a real eye opener. Heck, even understanding how to make head and tail of Analytics has been a game changer.

SEO is some kind of wizardry (so is Analytics)

Having said that, delving deep into Analytics is still a complete mystery to me, and I’m still envious of the monkeys who are so adept with Analytics they just dive in and can grab every random metric out, while I’m still getting to grips with adding a new segment. Derp.

Same goes for SEO. When I came into this job I had a very VERY vague notion of the word SEO, including how to jam some search terms into blog posts to do better on the Googles ;). As soon as I came here I realised that understanding SEO is a bit like knowing how to speak Klingon – only very geeky and very clever people do it, and as soon as someone starts trying to explain it to you then it’s perfectly OK to adopt a slightly glazed over look and only understand choice words. Just smile and nod, people. Smile and nod.

I love the internet

I didn’t realise the extent of my attention span problem until I began working so intimately with the internet on a day to day basis. I suppose I’ve developed a bit of a reputation for distracting other people in the office quite regularly, and I’m genuinely going to miss sitting next to someone who understands when I speak only in "It’s Always Sunny" references.

I’ve also had my eyes opened to the magic power of the internet, from crap kids jokes to gloriously sweary Twitter accounts, and not forgetting that all that weird stuff that Shia LeBeouf is up to these days. Despite all its dark doings and occasionally making me despair, it’s made me realise that I adore dumb shit I find online. Sometimes this was vaguely relatable to NLM social, but most of the time it was just otters dancing rhythmically to Beenie Man:

Buster Keaton is a total bae

As part of my job here at NLM, I had the great pleasure of working for the awesome Slapstick Festival, a yearly celebration of silent comedy which takes place in Bristol at the end of January (buy tickets to the Gala here!). I had a healthy appreciation for film before I started composing tweets for them, but since researching a little more into the silent film greats, I’ve fallen head over heels for the Great Stone Face.

Just look at his little face. Name one other person who can have a whole house fall on them and not even flinch. What a hero.

I suppose the point of revealing my strange infatuation with a dead man is that it's made me realise that I've come to appreciate things a great deal more since working at NLM; even the clients we look after who appear less glamourous on the surface reveal some pretty interesting nuances once you get into researching them. Who knew?

The Noisy Little Monkey team seriously know their shit

Perhaps the most important thing I have learned in my 10 months working for NLM though, is that these people are seriously good at what they do.

social media marketing word cloud

Not only will the monkeys do a tip top job for you, they'll go above and beyond to help you, always talk to you completely honestly, and do it with a massive smile on their face.

Unless you like Olly Murs or request a 'decaff mocha' in the canteen. Then you'll be treated with the contempt you deserve.

Laterz monkeys, it's been emotional!

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