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As part of our partnership with Science City Bristol, we’re speaking to past and present attendees about Venturefest. James Cook, Director of SpiderGroup tells us more about what he is hoping to gain from Venturefest…

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Name, Job Position, Company/Organisation:

James Cook, Director of SpiderGroup.

SpiderGroup have been running for 11 years and focusses on how business’ consume technology, providing cloud computing packages which ensure that the SMEs and charities they work with are using the most appropriate James Cooktechnology for their needs.

The company motto is ‘Delivering technology simply anywhere’. Whether this is using the company’s own technological solutions or external solutions, the team recognises the importance of having the right technology solution and the impact this can have on a business.

As the technology market continues to grow and shift, the SpiderGroup team have seen a change in the way people, and companies, use technology and so are constantly working to provide the most relevant and up-to-date technology solutions.

What is your involvement with Venturefest?

Although we have been previously aware of Venturefest, this is the first year we’re attending. We were informed of the event by Alastair Watson, Director of Science City Bristol, at a previous Science City event where we spoke alongside him.

Why do you think events like Venturefest are important to Bristol and the South West?

Digitally, Bristol is a great city to be in but it could do more to publicise itself, any event which increases public awareness is a good thing. There is a lot of innovation taking place and it would be great if this was more prominent in the marketing of the city.

SpiderGroup used to be based at the SetSquared Partnership, a great business incubator which is now located at the Engine House, Temple Meads. SetSquared was a great environment to meet people and it’s fantastic that other high profile events, such as Venturefest, are harnessing the entrepreneurial potential that Bristol has.

To borrow a phrase we heard a lot from Nick Sturge of SetSquared it is great to create an environment, ‘engineered serendipity’. It really is who you know, and Venturefest is a great opportunity to bring people together and see what happens.


What advice would you give to someone attending Venturefest this year?

On a general business note, make sure you have a good accountant, plus made sure you have solid contracts and legal work drawn up.

Also, remember that often energy and enthusiasm can often overcome barriers when working with clients. People want to know they are putting their business in the hands of someone who cares rather than someone who is just pushing a product at them.

What are you hoping to take away from this year’s event?

I’m passionate about technology and I also enjoy meeting people; hearing their stories and what they are doing. For me, I’d like to be able to pass on my experiences to others, letting them do what they will with them, but knowing that I’ve shared some of the things I’ve picked up over years in going through the processes they’re about to.

I’m also looking forward to hearing the fascinating ideas that people have come up with and learning what they want to do going forward. Where tech and people interact is where I love to be, and ultimately, it would be nice to see ideas that could potentially change our lives and/or the world we live in.

Contact details:

If you’re interested in finding out more about SpiderGroup or learning from James’ experiences, head over to the Meet the Experts stand.

Follow James on Twitter or connect via LinkedIn.

Find out more about SpiderGroup by visiting their website.

Meet the Experts:

For the full list of experts available to speak to at Venturefest, head over to the Meet the Experts page on the Science City Bristol website.

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