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Bath Spa Uni SEO Session

Slides & Tools from Jon's SEO Talk at Bath Spa

Posted in SEO by Jon Payne on 26-Jan-2016 17:33:08

I was somewhat thrilled to be able to give a talk to 3rd year students at the presigious Bath Spa University about SEO. Thrilled because; a, children are the future and we need to teach them well and let them lead the way and b, the only further education qualification I have is a National Certificate in Agriculture (Animal Husbandry) so it felt kind of amazing to teach ACTUAL DEGREE STUDENTS!

 Anyway - here theare the slides:

I also recommended some useful SEO resources:

Moz - for trustworthy online marketing tips
SEMrush - again, great online tips - training and discussion on, well, "Inbound Marketing"
Yoast SEO plug in - the students are building WordPress websites, and you can't SEO those without Yoast.
Dave Trott's book, Predatory Thinking - Because, gestalt and tigers and attention and marketing
Schema - for people who can code to help Google "Organise the Universe"


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