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The Coca-Cola advert has now been played on TV this year, so it is basically already Christmas. Obvs, I don’t watch TV - too mainstream - but endless Facebook statuses and tweets have made sure I'm aware that (say it with me!) holidays are comin', holidays are comin'....

You’ve probably also seen #BusterTheBoxer or #KevinTheCarrot's festive adventures but now, it’s time for YOU to deck your tweets with Christmas emojis, fa la la la la, la la la la.

It’s a tough time to come up with social media ideas, especially as it’s so difficult to stand out amongst the cool Christmas campaigns that are filling our timelines. We’ve been there, we’ve struggled and we don’t want you to feel the same. That’s why we’ve come up with some easy social media ideas that you can use to hopefully drive some extra engagement from your followers. Consider this a gift from us to you. You’re welcome!


Who DOESN’T love food? NO ONE. Especially Christmas food. It’s the one time of the year where it’s acceptable to be in a food coma for 12 days straight; minced pies, pigs in blankets, candy canes, candied nuts, mulled wine... I digress. What I’m trying to say is that there’s so many ideas you could do on social related to food that are sure to grab your audience’s attention. You could:

  • Do a food poll on Twitter. What meat are your audience eating this year? Are they fans of Quality Streets or Roses? How many pigs in blankets can a grown man fit in their face?? It’s something so simple but also so easy for your audience to engage with.
  • Photoshop some Christmas food into objects of whatever industry you’re in. Hear us out. We have a client who are all about diggers and rail road vehicles and we created this for National Sandwich Day,

    Colmar T10000 piling in a baguette sandwich
    What can we say? It got dem likes. So if you’re in law, how about a gavel smashing some nuts? Or, if you're in recruitment, what about candy canes in the pocket of your suit! The possibilities are endless.
  • Share your Christmas food photos! There’s a reason #FoodPorn is a hashtag after all. If you’re having a Christmas party, snap it. If one of your colleagues has baked some food, Instagram it and just wait for the likes to come rolling in.


I bet that a dog video will appear on your Facebook timeline within the first two minutes of scrolling through. That’s because animals and pets rule social media. That is fact. If you’ve got an office dog, make sure you rinse this so, so much. Here’s what you could do…

  • Animals in Christmas attire. Is the featured image of this blog not proof enough?!
  • Animals in Christmas settings. Your dog by the fireplace, your parrot on the tree and videos of pets in gift packaging - you know what cats can be like with their cardboard boxes.
  • A funny spin on existing Christmas campaigns. A prime example of this is the video below…



This one is as simple, if not more so, than our other suggestions. People buy into people and your followers probably followed you because there was something about YOU that they liked - whether it be your face or your tone of voice. Play into this…

  • You and your team wearing things; a Christmas jumper, a Santa hat, reindeer headband, anything Christmas related – wear it and share it!
  • Utilise social media features. Share selfies across all platforms of you ‘testing out’ the seasonal Snapchat filters. Not only will it bring some laughter to your day, but it'll show that you and your brand are sooooo totally down with the social trends, like, innit.
  • Those truly awful but somehow truly hilarious Elf yourself videos. Don't deny it, you lol'd. 



This idea is such a powerful feeling to play into, especially during Christmas time. People yearn for those simpler and happier moments, and your followers are no exception. It’s time to jump on the #ThrowbackThursday band wagon! You could…

  • Share and lol about what you got for Christmas when you were a child.
  • Create blog posts around your favourite Christmas films.
  • Create and share a Spotify playlist of your favourite Christmas tunes – that’s what we're doing!
  • Share old pictures of yourself when you were a kid during Christmas. The more embarrassing, the better. See below.

a baby at christmas

Guess who?

    These categories are winners on social for us and will probably be for you too. We hope we’ve given you enough ideas and inspiration that’ll drive your engagement through the roof. If you need tips on smashing out your seasonal social in just a short space of time, have a look at our free PDF below! 
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Natalie Lam
Natalie Lam

Natalie is the go to gal for social and images. Her photo skillz are super slay and she can sling a bit of code should the need arise.

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