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Choosing a solicitor, let’s be honest, is neither a fun nor an easy task. Firstly, there are so many to choose from! Ever tried Googling “family and divorce solicitor Bristol”? Hopefully not, but if you have you'll know there are over 626,000 results. *insert shocked face emoji here"

If you're one of these 626,000 chosen few, that means you're competing for attention amongst all of this noise. Eesh. So, how can you persuade people why they should choose you over whichever lucky candidate gets the top slot on Google that day? 

Well, social media is a fantastic tool to help support your website and achieve brand awareness amongst a new audience. Unfortunately, a quick glance around what's trending on Twitter or Facebook will have you believing that social media is the sole prerogative of kittens, Kardashians and bright young things. Not so! We really believe that social media can be a great tool for every business - as long as you're doing it right.

Unconvinced? Here are some ideas for becoming super social solicitors...

On your website.

Content & Campaigns.

For Solicitors (and for many other businesses as well), the aim of social media is to get people on your website. So, before you even get started, make sure that a) your website is mobile-friendly, and b) that it's full of useful and relevant content to keep people on site for longer. No point coming up with a great social media campaign to get people on site if they're only going to abandon it the moment they get there.

There are a couple of different ways you could do this:

1. Focus on seasonal and trending content

Think Black Friday, the end of the financial year, or even National Dog Day (hey, you might have an office dog!). You’ll find that people might look for certain topics at particular times of year, so why not write content that will help people who are looking for these things?

Black Friday = Advertising do’s and don’ts for business, how to protect your company
Road Safety Week = Collision prevention tips, or an infographic on the top causes of road accidents.

Don't be afraid to speak your mind on "trending" topics, either. You're an expert in your field, after all, so people in your industry will be interested in your insight. So think about recent events - Brexit or the presidential elections, for example. What implications might these results have on your industry? 

2. Provide advice for free.

Don't be stingy with your knowledge. If someone’s found that they’ve suffered due to medical negligence, it’s unlikely they’ll know much about the topic beforehand, so they'll seek advice and do research. If you can give people useful and free advice, you’re much more likely to get a return visit from them when they’re ready to engage a solicitor.

3. Content Offers – provide guides and get their details.

If you’re providing seasonal content or advice that's good enough to be turned into a guide, why not make it downloadable? This gives you the option of getting a few more details, such as their email address, or potentially getting them to sign up to your newsletter. You've then got the option to engage with them at a later date. Clever you, eh? 

On your social media channels.

Tell your story & be personable.

If I’m going to choose a firm or a particular solicitor, I want to know that I can trust them. So, make it easy for people to trust you!

  • Your staff are real people, so show that on your website and social profiles. If someone has written an article, make sure to use their profile pictures on images shared across different social channels.
  • Share team successes, such as awards that your staff might win, or interesting things you do in the office.
  • Have you had great feedback that you can get video or quotes from? Nothing convinces us to buy a company's products or services like great feedback from our peers.

Mack’s Solicitors do this in a really interesting way, with a Facebook page that really focuses on their people. They show off about what they’re doing for charity, awards they’ve won, campaigns they’re backing and even throwback pictures! 

This type of content works really well on Facebook because it's very much a personal platform - so people generally don’t want to be sold to on this channel. Primarily used for communicating with friends and family, most of its users want to see light hearted and interesting posts, or to feel connected to real human beings in some way. Mack's Solicitors Facebook gives you a real sense of who these people are, so because I feel like I know them better, I can start to see if they would be a good fit.

It’s a team effort.

To be more personable, you'll need to get your team involved. Often, when we talk to clients that are doing marketing for law firms, they find that they don’t have enough time because it’s a small part of their job. The other problem they often face is getting content to share on social media.

While you may be the only one doing social media, you’re doing it for your company, so the more people’s input you can get, the better.

Get your team involved from all departments to make it easier. Send round a weekly email asking if they’ve found anything interesting (i.e. any new legislation, or if they're doing anything of any interest personally) or mention it in the weekly meeting. Don't be afraid to nag if they don't get back to you!

Next, if they’ve got their own social profiles, get them to share your content. You can make it easier for them by getting channels like LinkedIn to auto schedule when a blog goes live. The more you can get your team involved, the better the content you will produce - and the less time it will take up for you, too!

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Be passionate.

Are you a local law firm? Do you have a particular passion for what you do? Share it and share it again on social media. People respond to genuine passion, so talking about what you care about, as a business, gives you another great way to engage with your audience.

Stephens Scown were passionate enough about being from the South West and all of the wonderful things that come hand in hand with the West Country. Because of this, they created a 'Love Where You Live' campaign.

It’s not directly linked to property law or anything to do with their firm, but it gets the conversation going with people who are local and might use them at some point. People who might not currently be looking for a Solicitiors will now know the name for when they inevitably do.


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