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      Social Media Management Tools To Save You Time

      Social Media Management Tools To Save You Time Featured Image
      Published on Jul 11, 2018 by Natalie Lam

      Work in social media? If you’re anything like me, chances are you’re always seeking that validation; that frequent refresh of your apps to see if you’ve got any extra likes or that calculated post that you just so happen to conjure up (you’ve actually had it in draft for months). If only there was a social media management tool to help you schedule those “cleverly thought through” tweets...

      Managing social accounts for brands isn’t a dissimilar process to the one above. You come up with the campaign ideas, you hunt down those opportunities to show it off, and at the end, measure how successful you were. But unfortunately, you only have 8 hours in a day to rake in the likes, and frankly, that just isn’t enough time.

      Luckily, there are some handy social media management tools out there that help to streamline this process. From competitor analysis to creating captivating imagery, here’s a list of tools you can use to make your social game slick.


      Buffer (Free with extra paid features)

      The absolute boy. Buffer has never failed us. Allowing you to schedule for all the channels, it is simple, flexible, provides detailed analytics, it even has a new ‘influencers’ feature which allows you to see the most influential people following you, whether they’re sharing your content, or using specific keywords.

      OnlyPult (Paid)

      We use OnlyPult for Instagram scheduling. It’s easy to use, allows you to schedule multiple post formats, include hashtags as a first comment, and has an analytics section too.

      HubSpot (Free with extra paid features)

      We’re heavy users of HubSpot. You can schedule, monitor, listen and connect your page’s messenger too. You won’t even need to login to Facebook to do all you need to do, which means no notification distractions either!

      Want to know the secret to managing your social media in just 15 minutes a day? Check out this guide!


      Hootsuite (Free with extra paid features)

      Another absolute classic. Hootsuite is particularly useful for listening as you can create streams of different #, keywords, or even just tweets in certain locations. Use Hootsuite if you really want to get your stalk on.

      FollowerWonk (Free with extra paid features)

      Want to see when your followers are most active? On the hunt for influencers in certain areas? FollowerWonk will do both of these and more for you!

      Hashtagify.me (Free with extra paid features)

      Hashtags are still well and truly alive, and despite algorithm changes throughout the channels, they still do help with the reach of posts, especially on Instagram. Find the right ones for your pictures using hashtagify.me


      Google Analytics (Free)

      If you want to see how much traffic is going to your website from social media or how many conversions you’ve had on your website from social media, Google Analytics is the way to go.

      Rival IQ (Paid)

      For some deep insight into how your competitors are performing or if you want to know the specific number of likes you received one day, RIVAL IQ is your go-to. It is a little pricey, but completely worth it.

      Fanpage Karma (Paid)

      Similarly to Rival IQ, Fanpage Karma lets you analyse yourself and your competitors, as well as compose, plan and publish your posts too.

      Social Channels’ Insights and Analytics (Free)

      If a fancy tool is going to break your marketing budget bank, the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. own insights and analytics features are equally as useful!


      Canva (Free with extra paid features)

      If the thought of Photoshop alone makes you cry, Canva is an easier alternative. It has pre-made designs for those who don’t have the natural eye for imagery, social media templates for each channel, and if you need an easy way to resize images, just create a template with a custom dimension and whack your image in there.

      Freepik (Free with extra paid features)

      Give your images a little pizazz with free vectors, icons and photos on Freepik. Just don’t forget to credit the creators if you use their work!

      If you’re looking for some decent free stock imagery, check our list of favourite websites here.

      Font Squirrel (Free)

      Don’t underestimate the power of a font. It can totally transform an image. Font Squirrel has some beautiful free-for-commercial-use ones that’ll turn your pictures from ☹️ to 😃.

      Gifmaker.me (Free)

      Everybody loves a gif. You can’t deny it. And with gifmaker.me, you can make your own! Turn slightly varying images into a mini animation so your users have a much clearer idea of what you’re talking about.

      GIF to encourage people to go to Digital GaggleHere's one we made for Digital Gaggle.

      Optimizilla (Free)

      We cannot stress the importance of optimising your images on your website - having optimised images helps your increase your page speed time and Google will love you for it. Luckily Optimizilla is there to help you do just that.


      Grammarly (Free)

      Guilty of an overuse of the comma? Struggle to spell the word necessary? Grammarly is free and will spot any spelling or grammar errors on your content or social posts. You’ll never look a fool again!

      Duplicate Content Checker (Free)

      Google is a hater of duplicate content, and if you’ve researched extensively for a particular blog post, you may have inadvertently stolen someone else’s words. Use the duplicate content checker to make sure your content is still original.

      Now go forth and be a social media marketing superstar! If you need a hand with your social media strategy, you can get in touch with us using the button below. 

      Ready to hire an agency? Get in touch with the team today!

      Natalie Lam

      Natalie is the go to gal for social and images. Her photo skillz are super slay and she can sling a bit of code should the need arise.

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