Vote for Sue Ryder to win £9,000 of free marketing #BigNoise

by Sallyanne
The competition element of A Big Noise for A Good Cause has now closed. The chosen organisation will be announced via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ on 28th May 2013.
Your support will help us to provide incredible care for incurable illnesses; vote Sue Ryder

Compassionate care and support for people with palliative, long-term and end of life needs

Sue Ryder are a National healthcare charity with a very local feel! We have 14 care centres across the country providing incredible care to people living with incurable illnesses such as; cancer, motor neurones, parkinsons, Huntingtons, multiple sclerosis and brain injury.

The Bristol and South West fundraising team work tirelessly to not only raise funds for the charity but to also raise the awareness of the good work we do. There are not enough hours in the day to focus on both fundraising and effective promotion and marketing of the charity- it's a stretch with a team of 3 in Bristol!

We rely heavily on volunteers and would love to increase our volunteer network so that we are able to increase our fundraising activity. Our mission this year is to set up a number of local volunteer led fundraising groups and we need help.

Self sufficient fundraising groups can raise vital funds for the charity which compliments the hard work of the fundraising team but we need to find those people!

Our central marketing team of 2 is stretched having to support the whole charity and locally we would benefit greatly from your support!

Help us increase our supporter network and be part of putting Sue Ryder firmly on the map in the South West.


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