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      SW Mobile Hack Day 2015

      SW Mobile Hack Day 2015 Featured Image
      Published on Feb 6, 2015 by Josh Baldwin

      Know some budding West Country app devs who want to flex there creative muscles? Tell them to get on down to Hack Day 2015!!!

      Set up by the lovely chaps and chappettes at SW Mobile group, Hackday is a chance for developers across the south west to get together in a cosy setting and work, socialise and collaborate on individual or shared projects. You can bring your own app, help out with someone else’s or find the best application for event sponsor Pusher’s SDK.

      Currently there are two prizes up for grabs being graciously supplied by Pusher: Best use of their SDK and best solo project, they’re even putting up a bar tab for after the event! Damned decent of them don’t you think?

      Pusher Logo

      Where is it you ask? We’ll be hosting the event at Monkey HQ, Gas Ferry Road on the 28th from 9-4, (well also be supplying the beer and pizza – you’re welcome ;)

      If you fancy coming along I’d get your skates on sharpish, places are limited at the moment so sign up before it’s too late!

      I also solemnly pledge that if we get 30 sign ups I will bring in my GameCube and we can all play Mario kart & Smash Bros. on the big projector (I’ll probably bring it along anyway…)

      Got any questions? Feel free to send as a quick tweet or message or get in touch with Karl or Scott from SW Mobile Group.

      See you there!


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      Josh Baldwin

      Inbound Manager @ Noisy Little Monkey, Josh blogs about SEO, Local & Mobile, HubSpot and Inbound Strategy.

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