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      The only social media resources you'll ever need

      The only social media resources you'll ever need Featured Image
      Published on Apr 30, 2013 by Sallyanne

      We’re all about providing useful resources to our audiences – after all, you can buy a man a fish supper but it's better to teach him how to fish and make batter.

      this isn't social media. It's chips.

      But before you start listening to us prattle on about social media, maybe you should check we know what we're talking about...How do you tell the ‘expert’ in the crowd, because after all, everyone is a social media expert right?


      Start by asking a few questions to decide if this person lives and breathes social media or if they simply inhale it in its weakest form. Evaluate a social media expert…

      Perhaps you’re wondering what the point of social media is? How can a Tweet increase your bottom line? Who cares how many people ‘Like’ you? You’re not alone; there are many social media sceptics out there. In fact, we even have one in the office and she tells you her dirty little secrets.

      But, the proof is in the pudding as they say, so it’s always useful to check out the demographics and audience numbers for social media platforms.

      Using Facebook:

      Using Twitter:

      Using LinkedIn:

      Using Google+:

      Using Pinterest:

      Do you know any useful social media resources that we haven’t listed above? If so, please share them with us … we could all open a social media chipshop ;)


      Image Credit: Adam_T4

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