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by Sallyanne
The competition element of A Big Noise for A Good Cause has now closed. The chosen organisation will be announced via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ on 28th May 2013.

Help us make a digital noise to support bereaved children and their families

Get ready to walk into the future together

The Rainbow Centre for Children enables children and families to communicate and deal with their emotions resulting from the death or life threatening illness of a child or parent. £9,000 of Digital Marketing would help us improve our communication with our supporters and clients.

In the time that it takes you to read this, a family’s life could have changed forever – they may have received a diagnosis of a terminal illness or received the tragic news that a loved one has died. This is where The Rainbow Centre for Children comes in. We support children and their families from Bristol and the surrounding area including Somerset, South Wales and Gloucestershire. We help families deal with the pain, grief, anger and sadness that can be caused by the death of a child or parent or their life threatening illness and the impact that has on individual family members as well as the family as a whole. Families come to us not only because someone has died from an illness but also as a result of road traffic accidents, suicide or murder.

The Rainbow Centre for Children

We offer a range of one to one therapies, family work and adult group work. Non verbal therapies such as art and music therapy can provide a valuable means of expressing emotions when words simply can’t be found. Counselling gives a safe place to talk, and massage therapy can help relieve or the physical symptoms of grief or illness or simply to keep a carer healthy so they have the strength to continue to look after their loved ones.

Each therapy session lasts for 50 minutes, and the children or their parents / carers come at the same time each week so they build up a relationship and trust with our therapists. All the therapy we provide is free of charge and we support families for as long as they need our help. Each therapy session costs The Rainbow Centre £30 a session and we rely entirely on voluntary donations for our existence.

We would love to win £9000 of Digital Marketing from Noisy Little Monkey as we think we share the same core values so could make a great partnership to make a real difference to the families we help.

We are open and honest if someone supports us in anyway we tell them where their donation is going or what a difference that support makes to our work. We also encourage our clients to be open and honest with each other, even if that means facing up to difficult truths and reactions to the death or illness of a close family member and the impact that has on each family member. One mother described this as helping her family “work through the past, live through the present and get ready to walk into the future together”.
We definitely put people first – our clients our are at the heart of everything we do. We also recognise that we don’t often need funding for expensive materials or items but we do need it to fund the people, our fantastic team of therapists who actually provide the support to families at a time when they need it most. Visitors to the Centre always comment on it’s warm friendly homely atmosphere. We love meeting new people and old friends whether that’s virtually through our digital networks or in person at events.

We are always learning, whether that’s from the professionals we work with, from the needs of our clients or looking to see what other organisations are doing and how can we be the best that we can. In terms of help from Noisy Little Monkey, we quite like the way our website looks & feels at the moment but we’re sure there are little tweeks that we can make to perform even better. Equally we’d love some advice on how to improve and maximise our social media, plus some pointers to new ideas that we could also consider. We want to learn more about how we can maximise our digital impact and the support you are offering is something we wouldn’t be able to afford to buy.

We try to share what we know – whether that’s through helping our client families cope, passing on some advice that we’ve read on Twitter or members of our management team presenting at conferences on fundraising or bereavement.

We also love cake – we make it to welcome special visitors, to give sustenance to our Rainbow Runners, to celebrate each member of the team’s birthday or just because we feel like having cake. Angela our Centre Director’s speciality is Chocolate Guinness Cake whereas Deb is the Lemon Drizzle Queen!

Our music therapy room often has noisy little clients but we’d love to have some Noisy Little Monkeys help us make a real impact with our digital media!


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