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Posted in News by Jon Payne on 21-Feb-2009 18:09:00

The Web Consultancy is pleased to announce it has recently acquired Noisy Little Monkey Ltd. I'll still be delighting in improving the profitability of my clients through Bespoke SEO and Search Marketing, Usability Analysis and general Web Consultancy, which is good.

Crucially though, this expansion will enable The Web Consultancy to expand the team (from just me and Mr Dog) to include two other fine upstanding web designers and marketeers who will carry out my instructions with an attention to detail that I am unable to provide, now that I work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.

The expanded team means we'll be able to add a more formal web design offering to our list of services, which is good, because after designing a few highly profitable websites*, The Web Consultancy is much in demand for our cool design and 1337 h4X0r skillz.

I'll post more information here soon, once the legal stuff is all sorted, until then...

k339 i7 r3a1 n00bs.

Bristol Hotel
Data Cleansing
Hampshire Kitchens
Bristol Catering Company

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Jon Payne

Jon Payne

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