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      Three Takeaways From Shahina Meru's Digital Gaggle Session

      Three Takeaways From Shahina Meru's Digital Gaggle Session Featured Image
      Published on Nov 26, 2021 by Alex Keyworth Wright

      One of the most exciting* talks at Digital Gaggle this year was from Shahina Meru of Merkle Inc. who took us through some top tips for amplifying your marketing campaigns with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). 

      *they were all exciting, so this is a misnomer really...

      In the list below I’ve summarised my top takeaways from Shahina’s brilliant talk, I hope you find them useful too.  

      Keep your promises

      It sounds super simple but how many times have you clicked on an ad, gone through to a website, and you can find no mention of the offer that made you click through in the first place? Too many, right? You need to ensure that you align your messaging all the way through. For example, if you have a special offer running on Google that offers a £20 product or service, when your consumers get to the website, it should still be £20 (without secret add-ons or hidden pricing!)

      Take things personally

      Do you have marketing personas? Are they all different? (If not, why not?) Then why is your website showing everyone everything? 

      In this day and age it’s easy to personalise everything in your marketing. You probably know the old staples of targeted advertising and personalised email subject lines but your website should also be personalised. Target your pages to the right content - so if you know your persona is only interested in ski equipment, don’t show them horse riding gear! 

      How many roads does a buyer walk down?

      The short answer is: a lot! Understanding your customer journey from start to finish is key to making sure your customers move through it seamlessly. Track your customer's lifecycle stages and spy the friction points, that way you know where you need to focus your efforts. Facilitate your customers search, their research and their purchase. Help them to move from one stage to the next as seamlessly as possible. 

      Overall, my favourite thing that came out of Shahina’s talk was ‘right message, right person, right time’. It’s the key to getting a customer so if you’re making sales you’re probably achieving it already, but understanding what it means for your company will help you to make even more sales and take your company to the next level!

      Conversion Rate Optimisation Audit - Download your copy of the template here

      Alex Keyworth Wright

      Alex is Digital Marketing Manager at Noisy Little Monkey.

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