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If you've decided to dip your toe in the Pinterest pool, then that is just awesome! You've made the right decision (but I am biased).
But before you start going pintastic, there's a few good tips to follow to make sure you're winning at pinning.

1.Don't forget the detail

Screen shot of pinterest detailsMake sure you add a description about your company, a link to your website and other social channels. When you start creating boards, make sure to give them a description. This makes it far easier for your boards and profile to be found when people are searching.


2.Creating your boards - Who are you pinning for?

Before you start making boards, or even if you've set a few up already, STOP! Make sure you have an idea of who your target audience is. What do they like? What would they repin? It's easy to get carried away and just pin anything and everything (trust me I know, I have over 4,000 pins) but just as you would for your website content or other social channels, make a plan. Do you have more then one demographic? Are they interested in seasonal trends, advice or tips? Know exactly who you are trying to reach and create / curate images that will appeal to that demographic.


3.Add some personality

ben and jerry fan photos

Who are you? What's your company history? Pin it!
Paint a picture (through pictures) and show the personality of your company. Have boards dedicated to team members, behind the scenes, conferences you've gone to or if you've got a history (or even just starting out) show what your company is made of and help people get to know you better. Ben & Jerry's is a great example. They have boards about the people, the factories, the fans, recipes and interesting things about the brand. It's really nicely done and they use some great images.


4.Be original but don't be vain.

Picture of Werthers Orginal

Try and pin original content, either images you've created, white papers, tutorials, data, infographics or articles from your blog. But don't worry if you don't have enough time to be a content creative genius all the time. Find a balance of pinning your own work and that of other people you follow and like. Look for pictures or content that relate to your products or services and pin them onto your boards. (Just check that anything you find on Pinterest clicks through to a trustworthy source. There's nothing worse than clicking on an image and being taken to something spammy)


5.A picture may be worth a thousand words but you still need a nice description.

red wellies search on Pinterest

What you name your board, what you say in your profile and what text you put on each pin is really important. Pinterest wouldn't know the difference between a pair of green shoes to that of a pair of red wellies. When you search for something it shows you results based on what text has been connected to that image. Try and aim for around 100 - 300 words explaining what the image is or what the article you're pinning is about. Rename your Jpeg before uploading to something more relevant than 1101.jpg and think about what people will be searching for. Add in some some of those long tail keywords that people will be searching for (without it looking too spam-tastic).


6.Use Hashtags (#Sparingly!!!)

hashtag fail stamp

Just like on pretty much every other social network these days you can use a hashtag to leverage your content. I don't have a particular love for hashtags purely because I truly despise when people turn #Every #SINGLE #word #in #to #a #DAMN #hashtag #hashtag (rant over). I think they are great for helping people discover content especially on Instagram but too many and it makes the content look really spammy.
Promoting a new campaign, running a competition or socialising unique content? Create your own unique #hashtag to help people find your content across all of your social channels.


7.Be creative and choose your images wisely

pinterest image infographic
The above image is a screen shot from a really interesting infographic produced by Curalate. Some images tend to work better than others, so when you are looking for pictures or creating your own, try to find ones that are the right dimensions and really stand out. Take a look and get some really useful information as to which images work on Pinterest.

Don't have the resource or budget to buy images? There's lots of free websites to help you produce really creative pictures for pinning.


8.Last but by no means least - Be patient and dedicated.

With any social endeavour, don't expect to be an overnight success. It will take time and patience. Also plan what you are going to measure before you begin. Do you want sales from Pinterest, followers, repins, traffic to your website or page views? How are you going to measure this? How are you going to review and improve the results?
Test. Find out when your target audience is online, when you get the most repins and set aside some time to pin.
There are a number of business features now available from Pinterest and third party tools available to help you monitor performance.


Image credit: Werthers Original Epic Fail pinterest cake

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