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What Life Is REALLY Like At Noisy Little Monkey...

Posted in Funnies by Holly Edwards on 19-May-2017 09:35:00

Life at Noisy Little Monkey is a daily nightmare. We live under the maniacal rule of a Trump-like tyrant, constantly at the whim of his increasingly ridiculous schemes. Rumours abound of traitors in our midst; nobody trusts anybody; you can never be sure which desk will be empty on any given day. Mr Dog gives the impression of a docile four-legged friend, but is in fact a deadly killer, trained to rip people apart with a whistle. It’s a hell the likes of which I could never have imagined. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

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Chill Out Bitches, Mr Dog Is Back

Posted in Funnies by Holly Edwards on 15-May-2017 00:25:00

We all remember a great come back. Bowie’s triumphant return to Glastonbury in 2000; Prince’s reinvention as The Artist Formerly Known As in 1991; Kim K’s return to the spotlight earlier this year following traumatic events in Paris. But none, none can compare to this: the most eagerly-anticipated event in written history. It’s here. It’s happened: Mr Dog is back.

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Christmas 2016 with Noisy Little Monkey

Posted in Funnies, Posted in Social Media Marketing, Posted in News by Claire Dibben on 20-Dec-2016 11:36:39

Ahhh, office Christmas parties. That special time of year when you're forced to spend your precious free time with a bunch of people you probably don't like, photocopying inappropriate body parts and desperately flirting with your boss in the hopes of a pay rise. Refreshingly, the Noisy Little Monkey office party conformed to none of the above. 

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Internet Slang Dictionary: The 2016 Edition

Posted in Funnies, Posted in Glossary by Natalie Lam on 14-Dec-2016 12:05:00

Another year is ending. Another slang dictionary begins. The classic 'WTF' has once again been brought to the forefront of youth speak in 2016 due to even more questionable abreevs and acronyms that have been surfacing our screens in the past 12 months. I mean, what even is 'woke'?!

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Sophie Says Goodbye

Posted in Funnies by Sophie Wells on 27-May-2016 11:37:41

It all began a hazy six-ish years ago on the side of picturesque country road in Somerset, when my mum met Jon, her neighbour. At that time, Noisy Little Monkey was a mere embryo of the spotty teenager you see today and Jon was in a panic. He was selling like crazy but delivering like… well less crazy shall we say and he needed some help. Nic hadn’t quite given up her successful, well paid, fulfilling career in Bristol to join the team (apart from making sure clients were actually billed) so my mum kindly volunteered me for the role of “helper”. She’s good like that.

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25 Gifs Every Social Media Manager Needs

Posted in Funnies, Posted in Social Media Marketing, Posted in Images by Holly Edwards on 08-Mar-2016 12:52:42

Who run the world? Girls. Who run the internet? Cats. And how do cats communicate? Well, hatred mostly. But if they were possessed of opposable thumbs, you know it’d be gifs.

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Internet Slang Dictionary 2015

Posted in Funnies by Natalie Lam on 26-Oct-2015 13:37:15

Hey! I’m Natalie. I’m 21 years young and I’m still down with the kids. Although the fact that I just used the phrase ‘down with the kids’ shows that I’m actually, in fact, not. But as the youngest monkey there are many topics of discussion that often leave me feeling like a n00b. For example,

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Why writing good content is like stand-up

Posted in Funnies by Jo Duncan on 14-Sep-2015 14:56:09

Hi there pop pickers. I’m Jo and I do stand up comedy when I’m not doing social media for Noisy Little Monkey. I’ve overcome a heck of lot of stage fright, heckling and dead back-rooms of dodgy old men in pubs over the past few years. And I’ve learned my lessons. Oh boy.

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An Xmas gift for all you lazy marketers

Posted in Funnies, Posted in SEO by Steven Mitchell on 24-Dec-2014 18:26:52

Christmas was invented by marketers.

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Xmas Monkey Masks

Posted in Funnies, Posted in Social Media Marketing by Natasha Baldwin on 09-Dec-2014 13:26:30


The monkeys have sung, the monkeys have danced and now we want you to become monkeys this Christmas. This year instead of sending out cards (that's like soo00 2013) we're sending out festive monkey masks!

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