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How To Create A Kick-Ass Online Marketing Strategy

Posted in Inbound Marketing by Josh Baldwin on 25-May-2017 09:39:00

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

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How To Do Keyword Research For Content

Posted in Inbound Marketing, Posted in seo by Steven Mitchell on 09-May-2017 00:26:00

I don’t like the word “content”.  It’s one of those awful words used by people that think they’re living inside a stock photograph before they smugly shake hands with each other in front of a clean, white background while wearing crisp, well laundered suits.  If you’re not doing keyword research for content and are just writing ‘content' for the sake of having ‘content’ then there’s a reasonable chance you’re just polluting the internet with meaningless drivel.

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How To Get More Followers For Your Blog In 5 Simple Steps

Posted in Inbound Marketing by Holly Edwards on 21-Apr-2017 12:40:00

Struggling to get more followers for your blog? Ouch. Blogging is hard enough as it is without feeling like you’re talking into the void, so it’s easy to become a bit despondent if it seems like no-one’s listening. So how do you get more followers? It’s easy. You get to know your audience.

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A Beginner's Guide to User Generated Content

Posted in Social Media Marketing, Posted in Inbound Marketing by Gertie Goddard on 20-Jan-2017 16:05:00
User Generated Content. The big UGC. Feeling a little stumped? Personally, as a new Noisy Little Monkey (not even one-month old, in fact!) I totally know how you feel. However, the concept of User Generated Content is simpler than it sounds - despite the broad connotations behind it – and it's pretty darn useful for anyone wanting to level-up their marketing game. Basically, UGC is any kind of content – beautiful, interesting or just plain weird - which your customers have voluntarily produced that relates to your brand.

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29 Epic Inbound Content Marketing Ideas

Posted in Inbound Marketing by Josh Baldwin on 13-Jan-2017 14:25:25

Inbound marketing can be a real ballache. You know content creation is the cornerstone of inbound, but those kickass content ideas just aren’t coming to you! Help is at hand though.

In this post we’re gonna dive in deep into inbound and focus on crucial conversion-led content ideas (say that 10 times fast...) that'll generate you some smokin hot leads 🔥 

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Marketing Personas = Marketing Bollocks?

Posted in Inbound Marketing, Posted in Glossary by Holly Edwards on 10-Nov-2016 11:14:00

Few things get us more riled than marketing bollocks. Okay, maybe something beginning with Donald and ending with Trump? But marketing mumbo jumbo is a close-ish second. What pisses us off so much is that every new concept is sold as something every business ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE, yet the businesses being targeted can’t afford to waste money on endeavours that won’t bring them a return. In fact, doing so can often halt a company before its even got going.

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Why You Should Just Create Personas Yourself, You Lazy Bum

Posted in Inbound Marketing by Holly Edwards on 08-Nov-2016 11:10:51

Get ready: we're about to attempt to guilt trip you into creating your own buyer personas. It might seem a bit counterintuitive given that we would quite happily do the job for you, but can you really afford to be spending money unnecessarily right now? Let the guilt trip commence…

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Helpful Personas for Helpfulpeeps

Posted in Inbound Marketing, Posted in Digital Gaggle by Claire Dibben on 20-Sep-2016 16:28:07

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. These are all household names in today’s social media driven world. So familiar are we with these giants of digital that when a new social media network emerges to play ball with the big boys, we know they mean business.

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Target Like A Boss: How To REALLY Know Your Audience

Posted in Inbound Marketing by Josh Baldwin on 14-Sep-2016 14:55:35

In the world of online marketing it can be really easy to lose touch with your audience - or to not even know who they are in the first place. Josh asked our friend Laura Cox to discuss audiences from a paid digital media perspective.

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Why Donald Trump Is Your Target Audience

Posted in Inbound Marketing by Holly Edwards on 09-Sep-2016 15:23:29

Yup, you heard us - the Big D-Trizzle is exactly your target audience. He might be loathsome, abrasive, offensive in every possible way, but he’s your audience. He might go against everything you represent, but he’s your audience. He might represent the greatest threat to humanity the 21st century has encountered, but – you guessed it! – he’s your audience.

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