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Vlog: Drew Benvie's Top Tips For Using Messaging Apps In Your Marketing Strategy

Posted in Digital Gaggle, Posted in Talks, Posted in social media, Posted in messaging apps, Posted in vlog by Claire Dibben on 24-Mar-2017 21:08:00

Didn't you know? The social network is dead. Fine, we lied. But organic engagement on sites like Facebook and Twitter is declining rapidly. So, how can you interact with your audience in new and innovative ways? Enter: the messaging app. Drew Benvie's talk at Digital Gaggle had a huge focus on how brands should be taking advantage of apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat to engage with their customers. To save you watching his entire talk, Drew summed up his top tips for using messaging apps in your marketing strategy in this nifty little vid.

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How Messaging Apps Are Reinventing Social Media

Posted in social media, Posted in messaging apps by Steven Mitchell on 14-Mar-2017 15:07:00

We had the privilege and the honour of having my second favourite Drew*, the warm and wise Drew Benvie of multi-multi-award winning communications agency Battenhall, with us at Digital Gaggle.  

Drew, or @drewb as he likes to be known to the heaving anonymous masses, took the opportunity to talk to Digital Gaggle about the future of social media marketing, specifically the rising ubiquity of messaging apps in the mainstream. Here’s my summary of Drew’s talk.  Out of respect for you all, I’ve omitted the part where I debase myself and pathetically plead for a Black Card in response to his throwaway comment about working with a “grilled chicken” brand.

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