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Why You Should Attend The Digital Gaggle Conference

Posted in Digital Gaggle, Posted in Talks, Posted in News, Posted in seo by Claire Dibben on 02-Aug-2017 16:30:00

As Events Manager, it falls to me to tell you why you should attend the next Digital Gaggle marketing conference.  Organising the conference keeps me pretty busy, so some previous delegates jumped in to help tell you why attendance is a must for anyone in marketing.

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Christmas 2016 with Noisy Little Monkey

Posted in Funnies, Posted in Social Media Marketing, Posted in News by Claire Dibben on 20-Dec-2016 11:36:39

Ahhh, office Christmas parties. That special time of year when you're forced to spend your precious free time with a bunch of people you probably don't like, photocopying inappropriate body parts and desperately flirting with your boss in the hopes of a pay rise. Refreshingly, the Noisy Little Monkey office party conformed to none of the above. 

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Facebook Instant Articles: A First Look

Posted in Social Media Marketing, Posted in News by Holly Edwards on 12-Apr-2016 14:08:33

Who else scrolls through their Facebook feed first thing in the morning? We’ve all been there – forcibly waking yourself up via that sickly screen glare, scrolling through the overnight updates of your Mum’s new favourite Minion photo, the travel photos from your uni mates who haven’t found employment to be a post-graduation necessity, and – oh look – that girl you went to school with is pregnant. Again.

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Google Analytics & Data Protection at City of Bath College

Posted in Talks, Posted in News by Nicola Payne on 20-Oct-2015 11:45:04

Thank you to everyone who came to the City of Bath College session on Google Analytics & the Law on 16 October 2015 - it was a fantastic group with some great questions!

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Goodbye Google Webmaster Tools, Hello Search Console

Posted in SEO, Posted in Tools, Posted in News by Josh Baldwin on 22-May-2015 15:37:05

Google’s been making a lot of changes of late. In April we had the slightly over-hyped #Mobilegeddon algorithm update, and in stark contrast we've recently seen the stealthy “Quality Update” slinking its way through SERPs.

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Jon’s speaking at SMX London 2015. Want a discount?

Posted in SEO, Posted in Talks, Posted in News by Jon Payne on 27-Jan-2015 15:58:44

It's that time again! SMX London 2015

For the last 5 or 6 years, at least one monkey has attended SMX London. It’s one of the conferences we really rate. At 2 days it's a big investment of our time but it's worth it.

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When is a monkey not a monkey?

Posted in News by Sallyanne on 16-May-2014 12:36:39

So this is the last Noisy Little Monkey blog post you will see from me as from 23rd May I will no longer be a Monkey; instead returning to the land of the humble human!

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Visits = Sessions. Unique Visitors = Users

Posted in analytics, Posted in News by Jon Payne on 25-Apr-2014 12:47:13

Sharp eyed Google Analytics users (like our friend Stephen Trump, thanks for the heads up Steve!) will have noticed that there's been a big change right up front in your reports.

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Social Media Giant Acquires Noisy Little Monkey

Posted in News by Josh Baldwin on 01-Apr-2014 10:01:17

As the end of the financial year has come to a close, the team here at NLM towers have some very exciting news to share with you all.

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Introducing: ODL Bristol

Posted in News by Josh Baldwin on 19-Mar-2014 10:31:39

Noisy Little Monkey are very proud to announce that Bristol now has a brand spanking new Open Device Lab!

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