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SEO vs. PPC: Which Is The Silver Bullet? [Slideshare]

Posted in SEO, Posted in ppc by Zoe Lamb on 08-Dec-2017 12:05:36

When you're a business owner looking to generate more traffic to your site, how do you make sure your potential customers visit your company page instead of a competitors? The two most popular ways of driving more traffic to a website are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click). "But which one do I incorporate into my marketing strategy?!" we hear you ask - the answer to this question is: it all depends on your goals.  

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How Enhanced Campaigns have changed how we think about AdWords

Posted in ppc, Posted in News, Posted in mobile by Casey Gill on 27-Mar-2013 17:20:34

If you are an existing AdWords advertiser chances are that you have heard about Enhanced Campaigns on more than one occasion recently. If you haven’t, then you probably have not logged in to your AdWords account for a few weeks and if you have, then you haven’t paid any attention to the attractive banner at the top of your account prompting you to upgrade your campaign now.

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Setting Up AdWords Campaigns - Top Tips

Posted in ppc by Nicola Payne on 27-Sep-2012 12:42:12

AdWords is a great way to promote your website to your potential customers, but it can be a bit bewildering to start with and all too easy to spend a lot of money with very little return.

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Retargeting with Google Adwords

Posted in ppc by Casey Gill on 08-May-2012 12:52:53
Photo by Richard_of_England via Flickr
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Google Adwords: Expect the Unexpected

Posted in ppc by Casey Gill on 13-Feb-2012 22:09:16

Ok. So I admit it. Just when I thought nearly 15 years of online experience, including certification as a Google Adwords Professional meant I have been there, done that, I got a bit of a surprise. It didn’t catch me completely off guard but it did teach me a lesson.

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ICO Regulations and Google AdWords

Posted in regulation, Posted in ppc, Posted in News by Nicola Payne on 05-Sep-2011 17:36:52

We had a great question this week from a client asking about the impact on AdWords of the recent regulation by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on the use of cookies for data collection (also known as e-privacy regulations). His question was specifically about re-targeting using the Google Display network.
If you aren’t familiar with re-targeting, it works on the Google Display network - that's the text and banner ads, like this John Lewis ad, you see when you visit websites like The Guardian and YouTube - and targets particular audiences, including those that have visited your website before. If you have ever wondered why after visiting a website once you keep seeing ads for it everywhere you go on the web, then you have triggered a re-targeting campaign.

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Google AdWords Trademark Policy Revision

Posted in SEO, Posted in ppc, Posted in portfolio by Jon Payne on 16-May-2008 13:42:00

Interesting news arrived recently from the Google AdWords Policy bods.

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Effective Google AdWords Campaign

Posted in SEO, Posted in ppc, Posted in portfolio by Mr Dog on 20-Apr-2008 11:47:00

This painted kitchen designer and manufacturer uses the web consultancy's search marketingservices as the only form of advertising for his business. He receieves approximately an enquiry per day for his high end kitchens. The site was optimised for search engines in terms of build and we also wrote the search engine friendly copy too.

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Optimising For Google and AdWords

Posted in SEO, Posted in ppc, Posted in portfolio by Jon Payne on 20-Apr-2008 11:37:00

This Bristol based solicitor Personal Injury Solutions wanted to appear highly in the natural and paid search results on Google.

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