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Is My Web Designer Ripping Me Off? 13 Bad Signs.

Posted in rants by Jon Payne on 21-Apr-2016 16:40:03

Like a geeky Bisto kid, I can sniff out a dud SEO and poor web development from a mile off. I’ve worked with a lot of great designers, agency and freelance, over the years but too many times there’s been digital charlatans in the mix. One of the things I’m asked when a relationship twixt client and web dev agency is breaking down is “Is my web designer ripping me off?”. In those situations the answers tend to be stock; “No! They just need a little guidance is all – we’ll help ‘em out”, “Yes – but I’m not sure they’ve realised. Maybe it’s time for a change…” and, occasionally, “Yes. And they’re spending their ill-gotten gains on Jetskis. This must end” 

To make sure you get the website you deserve (and paid for). Here’s the 13 warning signs that your web designer might be ripping you off. 

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How NOT to do blogger outreach

Posted in rants by Lily Doble on 26-Aug-2015 10:46:45

Most of you will know by now that I have now sadly left my role as resident photo monkey. Now that I have left I can share with you my not so secret secret. In my spare time I enjoy nothing more than parading around taking photos of myself wearing cute clothes, eating food or doing adorable crafts and putting them on the internet. That’s right! I’m a b-l-o-g-g-e-r.

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What Is SEMalt & How Do I Remove It From My Analytics?

Posted in rants, Posted in analytics by Steven Mitchell on 08-Jun-2015 16:55:54

TL;DR: SEMALT generates something called ghost referral spam in your Analytics. This impacts your site by adding false data into your Analytics. Read on to find out more about SEMALT. If you don’t care, and just want rid of it, head to our Ghost Referrer Spam removal guide for a more long term solution!

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Marilyn Joy Payne

Posted in rants by Jon Payne on 16-Dec-2014 08:32:51

Most of the people who know me will know that I've not been in the office much lately due to the sudden and unexpected death of my Mum, Marilyn.

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Five Reasons Why Being an Intern at Noisy Little Monkey has Ruined My Life

Posted in rants by Willow Thompson on 28-Aug-2014 15:53:48

1. I now notice terrible websites. And they are Everywhere.

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Not The Digital Marketing Agency You're Looking For

Posted in rants by Jon Payne on 09-Jul-2014 10:08:20

Like Old Ben’s 'Jedi Mind Trick', this isn't strictly true… but quite often it is. Quite often we’re not the digital marketing agency prospective clients want. That’s not to say they don’t need digital marketing services like Noisy Little Monkey's but they’re scared.

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WordPress Vs Blogger

Posted in rants by Jon Payne on 24-Jul-2013 14:16:50

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Your Guide to Avoiding #Epic #Fails on Social Media

Posted in rants, Posted in Social Media Marketing by Natasha Baldwin on 25-Feb-2013 09:59:51

When I started at Noisy Little Monkey over a year ago I never really knew how much time and planning went into a social media strategy. Over the last 12 months, I’ve frequently pulled my hair out trying to find the time to post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ etc for brands.

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2013 Predictions (Unlucky for Some)

Posted in rants, Posted in Social Media Marketing by Natasha Baldwin on 20-Dec-2012 12:14:48

Tis the season to be jolly and I have been spreading the Bublé Christmas cheer around the office for the last couple of weeks (even if Jon has had to put his headphones in a couple of times).
While it may be festive and fun at the moment, the new year will soon be upon us to start the process again. What will happen in 2013 we wonder? Well considering 13 is an unlucky number for some, as in life I predict there may be some unfortunate events that will fall upon us and the industry. So maybe in a slightly pessimistic fashion I bring you mine and the teams predictions for 2013 (while eating mince pies and wearing Christmas jumpers, so we don't depress ourselves too much)

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