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HubSpot Reporting: Do I Need To Invest In A Better Mobile Website?

Posted in analytics, Posted in Website, Posted in ROI by Joanne Norris on 03-Nov-2017 12:33:00

It will come as no surprise to learn that mobile web usage has been full steam ahead of desktop for quite some time. Does this mean you should invest in a better mobile website?

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Calculating ROI: HubSpot

Posted in ROI by Joanne Norris on 25-Sep-2017 16:32:00

18 months ago, we were HubSpot noobs. Now HubSpot Gold Partners, we totally understand that it takes some getting used to - so here’s our painless guide to help you measure ROI.

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Beginners’ Google Analytics - How do I link AdWords and Analytics?

Posted in ROI by Gertie Goddard on 04-Sep-2017 10:28:00

If you are paying for Google ads, then it is vital that you are tracking how well your ads are performing. Some would say that ads are the cave art of the 21st century – but it’s much much more than that. After all, we live in a word where the digital space is congested with ads fighting for attention, and you don’t want your business to be the one standing alone in an empty cave.

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What Does ROI Mean? Why Does It Matter? A View From The Monkeys

Posted in ROI by Nicola Payne on 17-Aug-2017 16:17:00

The team talk about return on investment (ROI) a LOT at Noisy Little Monkey - both in terms of understanding our own marketing and in justifying investment in online marketing to our clients. We know ROI is important to our clients, because it's important to us too.  Who can afford to spend money these days and not understand its value?

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How To Calculate ROI: Essentials for Marketing Professionals

Posted in ROI by Nicola Payne on 08-Aug-2017 16:43:00

If you want to figure out how to calculate ROI for your business you’ll need three essentials:

  • Tools
  • Tenacity
  • Time

What's so important about those three things? Let us explain...

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Google Analytics: ROI Tips to Harness the Power of Data

Posted in ROI by Joanne Norris on 27-Jul-2017 16:24:00

If you follow us on any of the social medias you’ll probably have noticed us banging on about ROI rather a lot (that’s Return on Investment, for anyone who hasn’t been paying attention). To help you calculate it, there are some Google Analytics tricks that can be a bit confusing if you're not familiar with how to use it.

Even though the formula for calculating ROI is pretty scary-looking (and may induce unpleasant flashbacks to your teen algebra days), it’s kind of a big deal if you want to actually keep track of whether your marketing efforts are paying off.

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Is There An ROI Calculation Formula For eCommerce?

Posted in ROI by Steven Mitchell on 12-Jul-2017 15:13:00

As mentioned in Gertie’s previous rant about why ROI in digital marketing is bullshit, any one-size-fits-all ROI calculation formula that you read on a website is always going to be too general to offer real insight. Calculating your return on investment requires you to be very aware of the nuance and context around your business’ framework and goals.   

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What is ROI and Why Should Marketers Measure It?

Posted in ROI by Josh Baldwin on 06-Jul-2017 11:04:00

It’s tough being a marketer these days (well, not tough but difficult-ish). Not only do trends and tactics change at an alarming rate but if you’re new to the game you’ll also be barraged with seemingly unfamiliar acronyms left, right and centre: KPI, SEO, CRO, UX, PPC, TTFB, SME, B2B, YMCA… FFS!! How are you supposed to figure out which acronyms actually matter for your marketing?

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Why ROI In Digital Marketing Is Bullshit

Posted in ROI by Gertie Goddard on 15-Jun-2017 08:58:00

So, according to wise guy Malcolm Gladwell, if you practice a skill for 10,000 hours it is enough to make you an expert at it. Perhaps this is why my 12 year old self became so obsessed with pogo-sticks – because I was actively aware of how much I improved with every hour I spent pointlessly jumping up and down. God, return on investment was so simple as a kid. 

ROI in digital marketing is, however, far more dynamic. 

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