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What does Facebook’s PageSpeed Announcement mean for You and Your Brand?

Posted in SEO, Posted in social media by Steven Mitchell on 18-Aug-2017 12:10:00

In June 1994, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock stole our hearts with their youthful vigour and innocent chemistry in the classic American thriller, Speed. Since then, the very concept of speed has been central to our tiny pathetic lives. Facebook’s most recent announcement is just another paving slab in the endless rolling road that started with Dennis Hopper, a bomb, and a bus.

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Vlog: Lisa Myers' Top Tips For A Creative Mindset

Posted in Digital Gaggle, Posted in Talks, Posted in social media by Claire Dibben on 30-Mar-2017 16:16:00

Coming up with the creative for any social media campaign can be really, really tricky. Especially when you're working with small brands on a restricted budget. However, Lisa Myers' talk at Digital Gaggle showed us that successful social campaigns aren't about how big your budget or your brand is at all; they're about being creative and thinking without limits. If you're lacking inspiration right now, we would seriously recommend giving this short video a watch so you can digest some top tips for having a creative mindset.

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Vlog: Drew Benvie's Top Tips For Using Messaging Apps In Your Marketing Strategy

Posted in Digital Gaggle, Posted in Talks, Posted in social media, Posted in messaging apps, Posted in vlog by Claire Dibben on 24-Mar-2017 21:08:00

Didn't you know? The social network is dead. Fine, we lied. But organic engagement on sites like Facebook and Twitter is declining rapidly. So, how can you interact with your audience in new and innovative ways? Enter: the messaging app. Drew Benvie's talk at Digital Gaggle had a huge focus on how brands should be taking advantage of apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat to engage with their customers. To save you watching his entire talk, Drew summed up his top tips for using messaging apps in your marketing strategy in this nifty little vid.

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Vlog: Tiff Maddox's Top Tips For Creating Great Shareable Video Content

Posted in Digital Gaggle, Posted in Talks, Posted in social media, Posted in video marketing by Claire Dibben on 23-Mar-2017 10:58:00

To create a viral video these days, it seems all you can do is cross your fingers and hope for the best. Whilst there's not a guaranteed formula for creating a great piece of shareable video content, Tiff Maddox (Creative Lead at Rubber Republic) had some great tips for the crowd who watched her talk at Digital Gaggle. One of the tips involved remembering her A.R.S.E. (don't ask). If you'd like some advice for creating great shareable video, give this short video a watch - it's SUPER useful. We promise.

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Vlog: Holly Edwards' Top Tips For Working With Influencers!

Posted in Talks, Posted in social media, Posted in vlog by Claire Dibben on 22-Mar-2017 13:06:00

Thinking of asking an influencer like Zoella to promote your brand or product? Well, you'd best be prepared to shell out the big bucks, 'cause these household influencer names are becoming gosh darn expensive and are, quite frankly, not generating the engagement they used to. So, what are you supposed to do?! Micro-influencers, baby. They're the way forward and Holly Edwards has three top tips to help you on your way. You so thoughtful, Holly. 

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Vlog: How To Repurpose Video Content For Social Media

Posted in social media, Posted in video marketing, Posted in vlog by Claire Dibben on 21-Mar-2017 12:04:00

Video content is the hot topic right now and it's no surprise. With our short attention spans and 5 million* pieces of content being thrown in front of us everyday, video marketing is a great way to cut through the noise on social media. Thing is, once you've spent a hefty sum on producing video for your brand, how do you make the most of your footage and make sure it's being amplified on social? The answer is simple: you need to repurpose video content for social media.

But what does that even mean?! We invited the experts at Doubleshot Video to help answer our pesky questions. And they did it in the form of a vlog. Fitting, eh? 

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How Passion, Grit and Hustle Wins The Day

Posted in Talks, Posted in social media by Nicola Payne on 20-Mar-2017 11:47:00

As the last talk of the day at Digital Gaggle, the fabulous Lisa Myers from Verve Search had a tough job.  We’d seen presentations about brands with huge budgets able to access young influencers reaching out across the world and how the new world of social media is becoming more private and harder to access and that real engagement is still only possible on a micro level.  So, what do we do?  Just pack up now and go home?

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Why Didn't My Video Go Viral?!

Posted in social media, Posted in video marketing by Gertie Goddard on 15-Mar-2017 13:00:00

Being the first speaker at the Digital Gaggle conference, I think it’s safe to say that most people would be bricking it. The conference hall is filled with weird purple lighting, Harlem Shake is blasting from the speakers, and there’s a massive crowd of over-excited social media experts poised and ready to destroy you in one finely crafted tweet. 

Regardless, with her cool charisma, amusing personality, and brilliant digital insights, Tiffany Maddox – creative lead at Rubber Republic - did more than set the standard. So, for those of you who want to relive it, or for those who missed out (tut tut), here's a quick summary of Tiff’s talk, ‘5 Reasons Your Video Didn’t Go Viral’.

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How Messaging Apps Are Reinventing Social Media

Posted in social media, Posted in messaging apps by Steven Mitchell on 14-Mar-2017 15:07:00

We had the privilege and the honour of having my second favourite Drew*, the warm and wise Drew Benvie of multi-multi-award winning communications agency Battenhall, with us at Digital Gaggle.  

Drew, or @drewb as he likes to be known to the heaving anonymous masses, took the opportunity to talk to Digital Gaggle about the future of social media marketing, specifically the rising ubiquity of messaging apps in the mainstream. Here’s my summary of Drew’s talk.  Out of respect for you all, I’ve omitted the part where I debase myself and pathetically plead for a Black Card in response to his throwaway comment about working with a “grilled chicken” brand.

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