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Instagram Hashtag Engagement On The Decline. WTF?

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Natalie Lam on 11-May-2017 12:10:04

Let's get straight to the point. Instagram is slowly becoming my least favourite social media platform. I mean, Facebook will always be the worst (I still love it obviously), but with all these recent Instagram changes, the experience on there is worsening and I’m not quite getting the same social validation as I was before. Where my likes @ man? TELL ME THAT MY EYEBROWS ARE ON FLEEK.

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Vlog: Steven Bartlett's Top Tips For Engaging Your Audience

Posted in Social Media Marketing, Posted in Digital Gaggle, Posted in Talks by Claire Dibben on 31-Mar-2017 13:51:00

The online world in 2017 is noisy and your audience has a short attention span. So, what's the secret sauce for getting them to pay attention to your brand? Steven Bartlett has a couple of top tips for engaging your audience and (spoiler alert) no, they're not hidden under his hat. They're in the video below. 

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Who Does Social Media Well?

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Natalie Lam on 31-Mar-2017 11:46:00

We all have goals. I don’t mean a New Year’s resolution kind of goal. I mean #goalz. Y’know, your hair goals or your interior design goals. You might not have consciously thought about it, but chances are, you have something or someone that you aspire to be like, therefore, you have #goalz.

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How To Capture An Online Audience

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Lucy Brimble on 16-Mar-2017 10:10:00

I think I speak on behalf of everyone who was at Digital Gaggle last Thursday, when I say that Steven Bartlett’s ‘Deeper Than Engagement’ talk blew our minds! The theme was ‘attention’, and he definitely got ours right from the get-go.

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UGC: User-Generated Content or User-Generated Conversion?

Posted in Social Media Marketing, Posted in User-Generated Content by Sarah Carter on 22-Feb-2017 13:00:00

Nowadays you see plenty of e-commerce sites hopping on the user-generated content bandwagon. You know the deal: it's typically photos of fashionistas wearing their recent purchase from [insert desirable e-commerce site here]. But, what is the point of it all? And, if your product isn't in the realm of wearable fashion, how exactly can UGC benefit your e-commerce business? For this week's blog post we passed the baton over to Sarah Carter, Head of Marketing at Rixxo, a Creative Studio based in Bristol, to help shed some light on the topic. Over to you, Sarah...

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Social Media: The Rule Of Thirds

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Gertie Goddard on 17-Feb-2017 12:02:00

Let’s talk about the big three. And no, unfortunately I don’t mean Destiny’s Child, the Harry Potter trio, Busted or the 3 Musketeers. 

Nope. The big three we’re referring to are the thirds of social media content: promoting, sharing and interacting.

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8 Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Holly Edwards on 09-Feb-2017 12:30:00

Content marketing ain't easy, but it's particularly difficult if you're not sure what mistakes you're making. Our guide to the 8 content marketing mistakes you need to avoid will help! (Psst, please do not tweet us if we've made any of them in this blog. Ignorance is bliss.)

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Social Media KPIs for ROI: What Does It All Mean?!

Posted in Social Media Marketing, Posted in Glossary by James Mulvaney on 07-Feb-2017 16:29:00

If you’ve ever worked in sales or marketing, you’ll be used to nodding along to bull@#?! acronyms. Some of them, like these two (up there in the title), come up far too often to ignore so let’s just clear up the definitions straight away.

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How Many Blogs Should I Write In A Month?

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Gertie Goddard on 30-Jan-2017 16:33:00

Okay, so you know why you should blog - right? Quick refresher: it helps SEO, can give your brand some badass digital authority, will attract people to your site, and potentially convert visitors to leads (or customers, or new friends, whatever you want to call them…) Got it? Good. But, deciding how many blogs you should write in a month?! Now that’s a mystery even Sherlock might struggle with.

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A Beginner's Guide to User Generated Content

Posted in Social Media Marketing, Posted in Inbound Marketing by Gertie Goddard on 20-Jan-2017 16:05:00
User Generated Content. The big UGC. Feeling a little stumped? Personally, as a new Noisy Little Monkey (not even one-month old, in fact!) I totally know how you feel. However, the concept of User Generated Content is simpler than it sounds - despite the broad connotations behind it – and it's pretty darn useful for anyone wanting to level-up their marketing game. Basically, UGC is any kind of content – beautiful, interesting or just plain weird - which your customers have voluntarily produced that relates to your brand.

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