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Tweetastic Bristol Airport

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Jon Payne on 09-Mar-2012 12:30:06

A few months back we were honoured to be asked to work with Bristol Airport to help them figure out how Twitter could work for a business such as theirs.

They're great people to work with so it was with some delight that I led the Social Media Style Guide Workshop.

As a seriously well known brand in the South West with a throughput of millions of passengers per year, it was clear that a frivolous Twitter presence was not a good idea. However, it was decided that we could afford to be a little less formal in tone than the Terminal announcements about departures, gates, left luggage, etc.

Since they hadn't started tweeting at the time, what wasn't clear was how we might be able to help travelers on their way to, or at the airport. As with every new entrant to Social Media, we helped them set some guidelines but figured we'd all work it out as we went along.

I happened to run into one of the Terminal Managers at a meeting this week and asked him how he was getting on... He said that the most exciting thing that he could use Twitter to improve passenger expericence in real time. "Wow!" I said, "It's fantastic to hear that you have reached out and made journeys better for people... tell me more"...

Here's an example from Storify (if you can't see some tweets below, click here to view this on Storify site)


Isn't it nice when it all comes together? You can follow Bristol Airport's official Twitter feed here: @OfficialBRS

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